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Buonasera colleghi,


sono nuovo del forum e vi scrivo in particolare per un problema che ho...e che non capisco da cosa dipenda!


Circa un anno fa ho comprato una mega prusa, quella con area di stampa 300x300, mi ha dato solo problemi fino a quando un mesetto fa ho deciso di acquistare questo kit con relative cinghie, pulley ecc.


Ora ho montato tutto, fatto tutti gli adattementi...alcune cose da rifinire, ho fatto alcune prove di stampa e va molto bene, sono soddisfatto!


L' unica cosa è che non riesco a capire come mai se nei parametri di cura (che utilizzavo anche prima di convertirla senza problemi) inserisco un feed rate di 100 mm/s piuttosto che 200 mm/s la velocità di stampa rimane sempre la stessa...e a questo punto non saprei nemmeno dirvi qual'è la velocità effettiva che sto utilizzando! Mai successa questa cosa...non riesco a capire il perchè! Cambia solo se manipolo la percentuale del feed rate durante la stampa dall' lcd o da repetier host (con i comandi manuali).


Da cosa può dipendere? Qualcosa nel firmware forse? Chi sa darmi un consiglio?


// This configuration file contains the basic settings.
// Advanced settings can be found in Configuration_adv.h
// BASIC SETTINGS: select your board type, temperature sensor type, axis scaling, and endstop configuration

//============================= DELTA Printer ===============================
// For a Delta printer replace the configuration files with the files in the
// example_configurations/delta directory.

// User-specified version info of this build to display in [Pronterface, etc] terminal window during
// startup. Implementation of an idea by Prof Braino to inform user that any changes made to this
// build by the user have been successfully uploaded into firmware.
#define STRING_VERSION_CONFIG_H __DATE__ " " __TIME__ // build date and time
#define STRING_CONFIG_H_AUTHOR "(none, default config)" // Who made the changes.

// SERIAL_PORT selects which serial port should be used for communication with the host.
// This allows the connection of wireless adapters (for instance) to non-default port pins.
// Serial port 0 is still used by the Arduino bootloader regardless of this setting.
#define SERIAL_PORT 0

// This determines the communication speed of the printer
// This determines the communication speed of the printer
#define BAUDRATE 250000

// This enables the serial port associated to the Bluetooth interface
//#define BTENABLED // Enable BT interface on AT90USB devices

//// The following define selects which electronics board you have. Please choose the one that matches your setup
// 10 = Gen7 custom (Alfons3 Version) ""
// 11 = Gen7 v1.1, v1.2 = 11
// 12 = Gen7 v1.3
// 13 = Gen7 v1.4
// 2 = Cheaptronic v1.0
// 20 = Sethi 3D_1
// 3 = MEGA/RAMPS up to 1.2 = 3
// 33 = RAMPS 1.3 / 1.4 (Power outputs: Extruder, Fan, Bed)
// 34 = RAMPS 1.3 / 1.4 (Power outputs: Extruder0, Extruder1, Bed)
// 35 = RAMPS 1.3 / 1.4 (Power outputs: Extruder, Fan, Fan)
// 4 = Duemilanove w/ ATMega328P pin assignment
// 5 = Gen6
// 51 = Gen6 deluxe
// 6 = Sanguinololu < 1.2
// 62 = Sanguinololu 1.2 and above
// 63 = Melzi
// 64 = STB V1.1
// 65 = Azteeg X1
// 66 = Melzi with ATmega1284 (MaKr3d version)
// 67 = Azteeg X3
// 68 = Azteeg X3 Pro
// 7 = Ultimaker
// 71 = Ultimaker (Older electronics. Pre 1.5.4. This is rare)
// 72 = Ultimainboard 2.x (Uses TEMP_SENSOR 20)
// 77 = 3Drag Controller
// 8 = Teensylu
// 80 = Rumba
// 81 = Printrboard (AT90USB1286)
// 82 = Brainwave (AT90USB646)
// 83 = SAV Mk-I (AT90USB1286)
// 9 = Gen3+
// 70 = Megatronics
// 701= Megatronics v2.0
// 702= Minitronics v1.0
// 90 = Alpha OMCA board
// 91 = Final OMCA board
// 301= Rambo
// 21 = Elefu Ra Board (v3)
// 88 = 5DPrint D8 Driver Board

#define MOTHERBOARD 33

// Define this to set a custom name for your generic Mendel,
// #define CUSTOM_MENDEL_NAME "This Mendel"

// Define this to set a unique identifier for this printer, (Used by some programs to differentiate between machines)
// You can use an online service to generate a random UUID. (eg
// #define MACHINE_UUID "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"

// This defines the number of extruders
#define EXTRUDERS 1

//// The following define selects which power supply you have. Please choose the one that matches your setup
// 1 = ATX
// 2 = X-Box 360 203Watts (the blue wire connected to PS_ON and the red wire to VCC)

#define POWER_SUPPLY 1

// Define this to have the electronics keep the power supply off on startup. If you don't know what this is leave it.
// #define PS_DEFAULT_OFF

//=============================Thermal Settings ============================
//--NORMAL IS 4.7kohm PULLUP!-- 1kohm pullup can be used on hotend sensor, using correct resistor and table
//// Temperature sensor settings:
// -2 is thermocouple with MAX6675 (only for sensor 0)
// -1 is thermocouple with AD595
// 0 is not used
// 1 is 100k thermistor - best choice for EPCOS 100k (4.7k pullup)
// 2 is 200k thermistor - ATC Semitec 204GT-2 (4.7k pullup)
// 3 is Mendel-parts thermistor (4.7k pullup)
// 4 is 10k thermistor !! do not use it for a hotend. It gives bad resolution at high temp. !!
// 5 is 100K thermistor - ATC Semitec 104GT-2 (Used in ParCan & J-Head) (4.7k pullup)
// 6 is 100k EPCOS - Not as accurate as table 1 (created using a fluke thermocouple) (4.7k pullup)
// 7 is 100k Honeywell thermistor 135-104LAG-J01 (4.7k pullup)
// 71 is 100k Honeywell thermistor 135-104LAF-J01 (4.7k pullup)
// 8 is 100k 0603 SMD Vishay NTCS0603E3104FXT (4.7k pullup)
// 9 is 100k GE Sensing AL03006-58.2K-97-G1 (4.7k pullup)
// 10 is 100k RS thermistor 198-961 (4.7k pullup)
// 11 is 100k beta 3950 1% thermistor (4.7k pullup)
// 12 is 100k 0603 SMD Vishay NTCS0603E3104FXT (4.7k pullup) (calibrated for Makibox hot bed)
// 20 is the PT100 circuit found in the Ultimainboard V2.x
// 60 is 100k Maker's Tool Works Kapton Bed Thermistor beta=3950
// 1k ohm pullup tables - This is not normal, you would have to have changed out your 4.7k for 1k
// (but gives greater accuracy and more stable PID)
// 51 is 100k thermistor - EPCOS (1k pullup)
// 52 is 200k thermistor - ATC Semitec 204GT-2 (1k pullup)
// 55 is 100k thermistor - ATC Semitec 104GT-2 (Used in ParCan & J-Head) (1k pullup)
// 1047 is Pt1000 with 4k7 pullup
// 1010 is Pt1000 with 1k pullup (non standard)
// 147 is Pt100 with 4k7 pullup
// 110 is Pt100 with 1k pullup (non standard)

#define TEMP_SENSOR_0 1
#define TEMP_SENSOR_1 1
#define TEMP_SENSOR_2 0

// This makes temp sensor 1 a redundant sensor for sensor 0. If the temperatures difference between these sensors is to high the print will be aborted.

// Actual temperature must be close to target for this long before M109 returns success
#define TEMP_RESIDENCY_TIME 10 // (seconds)
#define TEMP_HYSTERESIS 3 // (degC) range of +/- temperatures considered "close" to the target one
#define TEMP_WINDOW 1 // (degC) Window around target to start the residency timer x degC early.

// The minimal temperature defines the temperature below which the heater will not be enabled It is used
// to check that the wiring to the thermistor is not broken.
// Otherwise this would lead to the heater being powered on all the time.
#define HEATER_0_MINTEMP 5
#define HEATER_1_MINTEMP 5
#define HEATER_2_MINTEMP 5
#define BED_MINTEMP 5

// When temperature exceeds max temp, your heater will be switched off.
// This feature exists to protect your hotend from overheating accidentally, but *NOT* from thermistor short/failure!
// You should use MINTEMP for thermistor short/failure protection.
#define HEATER_0_MAXTEMP 260
#define HEATER_1_MAXTEMP 260
#define HEATER_2_MAXTEMP 275
#define BED_MAXTEMP 110

// If your bed has low resistance e.g. .6 ohm and throws the fuse you can duty cycle it to reduce the
// average current. The value should be an integer and the heat bed will be turned on for 1 interval of

// If you want the M105 heater power reported in watts, define the BED_WATTS, and (shared for all extruders) EXTRUDER_WATTS
//#define EXTRUDER_WATTS (12.0*12.0/6.7) // P=I^2/R
//#define BED_WATTS (12.0*12.0/1.1) // P=I^2/R

// PID settings:
// Comment the following line to disable PID and enable bang-bang.
#define PIDTEMP
#define BANG_MAX 255 // limits current to nozzle while in bang-bang mode; 255=full current
#define PID_MAX 255 // limits current to nozzle while PID is active (see PID_FUNCTIONAL_RANGE below); 255=full current
#ifdef PIDTEMP
//#define PID_DEBUG // Sends debug data to the serial port.
//#define PID_OPENLOOP 1 // Puts PID in open loop. M104/M140 sets the output power from 0 to PID_MAX
#define PID_FUNCTIONAL_RANGE 10 // If the temperature difference between the target temperature and the actual temperature
// is more then PID_FUNCTIONAL_RANGE then the PID will be shut off and the heater will be set to min/max.
#define PID_INTEGRAL_DRIVE_MAX 255 //limit for the integral term
#define K1 0.95 //smoothing factor within the PID
#define PID_dT ((OVERSAMPLENR * 8.0)/(F_CPU / 64.0 / 256.0)) //sampling period of the temperature routine

// If you are using a pre-configured hotend then you can use one of the value sets by uncommenting it
// Ultimaker
#define DEFAULT_Kp 22.2
#define DEFAULT_Ki 1.08
#define DEFAULT_Kd 114

// MakerGear
// #define DEFAULT_Kp 7.0
// #define DEFAULT_Ki 0.1
// #define DEFAULT_Kd 12

// Mendel Parts V9 on 12V
// #define DEFAULT_Kp 63.0
// #define DEFAULT_Ki 2.25
// #define DEFAULT_Kd 440
#endif // PIDTEMP

// Bed Temperature Control
// Select PID or bang-bang with PIDTEMPBED. If bang-bang, BED_LIMIT_SWITCHING will enable hysteresis
// Uncomment this to enable PID on the bed. It uses the same frequency PWM as the extruder.
// If your PID_dT above is the default, and correct for your hardware/configuration, that means 7.689Hz,
// which is fine for driving a square wave into a resistive load and does not significantly impact you FET heating.
// This also works fine on a Fotek SSR-10DA Solid State Relay into a 250W heater.
// If your configuration is significantly different than this and you don't understand the issues involved, you probably
// shouldn't use bed PID until someone else verifies your hardware works.
// If this is enabled, find your own PID constants below.
//#define PIDTEMPBED

// This sets the max power delivered to the bed, and replaces the HEATER_BED_DUTY_CYCLE_DIVIDER option.
// all forms of bed control obey this (PID, bang-bang, bang-bang with hysteresis)
// setting this to anything other than 255 enables a form of PWM to the bed just like HEATER_BED_DUTY_CYCLE_DIVIDER did,
// so you shouldn't use it unless you are OK with PWM on your bed. (see the comment on enabling PIDTEMPBED)
#define MAX_BED_POWER 255 // limits duty cycle to bed; 255=full current

//120v 250W silicone heater into 4mm borosilicate (MendelMax 1.5+)
//from FOPDT model - kp=.39 Tp=405 Tdead=66, Tc set to 79.2, aggressive factor of .15 (vs .1, 1, 10)
#define DEFAULT_bedKp 10.00
#define DEFAULT_bedKi .023
#define DEFAULT_bedKd 305.4

//120v 250W silicone heater into 4mm borosilicate (MendelMax 1.5+)
//from pidautotune
// #define DEFAULT_bedKp 97.1
// #define DEFAULT_bedKi 1.41
// #define DEFAULT_bedKd 1675.16

// FIND YOUR OWN: "M303 E-1 C8 S90" to run autotune on the bed at 90 degreesC for 8 cycles.
#endif // PIDTEMPBED

//this prevents dangerous Extruder moves, i.e. if the temperature is under the limit
//can be software-disabled for whatever purposes by
//if PREVENT_DANGEROUS_EXTRUDE is on, you can still disable (uncomment) very long bits of extrusion separately.

#define EXTRUDE_MAXLENGTH (X_MAX_LENGTH+Y_MAX_LENGTH) //prevent extrusion of very large distances.

//=============================Mechanical Settings===========================

// Uncomment the following line to enable CoreXY kinematics
// #define COREXY

// coarse Endstop Settings
#define ENDSTOPPULLUPS // Comment this out (using // at the start of the line) to disable the endstop pullup resistors

// fine endstop settings: Individual pullups. will be ignored if ENDSTOPPULLUPS is defined


// The pullups are needed if you directly connect a mechanical endswitch between the signal and ground pins.
const bool X_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING = true; // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop.
const bool Y_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING = true; // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop.
const bool Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING = true; // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop.
const bool X_MAX_ENDSTOP_INVERTING = true; // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop.
const bool Y_MAX_ENDSTOP_INVERTING = true; // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop.
const bool Z_MAX_ENDSTOP_INVERTING = true; // set to true to invert the logic of the endstop.

// Disable max endstops for compatibility with endstop checking routine
#if defined(COREXY) && !defined(DISABLE_MAX_ENDSTOPS)

// For Inverting Stepper Enable Pins (Active Low) use 0, Non Inverting (Active High) use 1
#define X_ENABLE_ON 0
#define Y_ENABLE_ON 0
#define Z_ENABLE_ON 0
#define E_ENABLE_ON 0 // For all extruders

// Disables axis when it's not being used.
#define DISABLE_X false
#define DISABLE_Y false
#define DISABLE_Z false
#define DISABLE_E false // For all extruders

#define INVERT_X_DIR false // for Mendel set to false, for Orca set to true
#define INVERT_Y_DIR true // for Mendel set to true, for Orca set to false
#define INVERT_Z_DIR false // for Mendel set to false, for Orca set to true
#define INVERT_E0_DIR false // for direct drive extruder v9 set to true, for geared extruder set to false
#define INVERT_E1_DIR false // for direct drive extruder v9 set to true, for geared extruder set to false
#define INVERT_E2_DIR false // for direct drive extruder v9 set to true, for geared extruder set to false

// Sets direction of endstops when homing; 1=MAX, -1=MIN
#define X_HOME_DIR -1
#define Y_HOME_DIR -1
#define Z_HOME_DIR -1

#define min_software_endstops false // If true, axis won't move to coordinates less than HOME_POS.
#define max_software_endstops true // If true, axis won't move to coordinates greater than the defined lengths below.

// Travel limits after homing
#define X_MAX_POS 300
#define X_MIN_POS 0
#define Y_MAX_POS 300
#define Y_MIN_POS 0
#define Z_MAX_POS 300
#define Z_MIN_POS 0

//============================= Bed Auto Leveling ===========================

//#define ENABLE_AUTO_BED_LEVELING // Delete the comment to enable (remove // at the start of the line)


// There are 2 different ways to pick the X and Y locations to probe:

// - "grid" mode
// Probe every point in a rectangular grid
// You must specify the rectangle, and the density of sample points
// This mode is preferred because there are more measurements.
// It used to be called ACCURATE_BED_LEVELING but "grid" is more descriptive

// - "3-point" mode
// Probe 3 arbitrary points on the bed (that aren't colinear)
// You must specify the X & Y coordinates of all 3 points

// with AUTO_BED_LEVELING_GRID, the bed is sampled in a
// and least squares solution is calculated
// Note: this feature occupies 10'206 byte

// set the rectangle in which to probe

// set the number of grid points per dimension
// I wouldn't see a reason to go above 3 (=9 probing points on the bed)

// with no grid, just probe 3 arbitrary points. A simple cross-product
// is used to esimate the plane of the print bed

#define ABL_PROBE_PT_1_X 15
#define ABL_PROBE_PT_1_Y 180
#define ABL_PROBE_PT_2_X 15
#define ABL_PROBE_PT_2_Y 20
#define ABL_PROBE_PT_3_X 170
#define ABL_PROBE_PT_3_Y 20


// these are the offsets to the probe relative to the extruder tip (Hotend - Probe)

#define Z_RAISE_BEFORE_HOMING 24 // (in mm) Raise Z before homing (G28) for Probe Clearance.
// Be sure you have this distance over your Z_MAX_POS in case

#define XY_TRAVEL_SPEED 8000 // X and Y axis travel speed between probes, in mm/min

#define Z_RAISE_BEFORE_PROBING 25 //How much the extruder will be raised before traveling to the first probing point.
#define Z_RAISE_BETWEEN_PROBINGS 25 //How much the extruder will be raised when traveling from between next probing points

//If defined, the Probe servo will be turned on only during movement and then turned off to avoid jerk
//The value is the delay to turn the servo off after powered on - depends on the servo speed; 300ms is good value, but you can try lower it.
// You MUST HAVE the SERVO_ENDSTOPS defined to use here a value higher than zero otherwise your code will not compile.


//If you have enabled the Bed Auto Leveling and are using the same Z Probe for Z Homing,
//it is highly recommended you let this Z_SAFE_HOMING enabled!!!

#define Z_SAFE_HOMING // This feature is meant to avoid Z homing with probe outside the bed area.
// When defined, it will:
// - Allow Z homing only after X and Y homing AND stepper drivers still enabled
// - If stepper drivers timeout, it will need X and Y homing again before Z homing
// - Position the probe in a defined XY point before Z Homing when homing all axis (G28)
// - Block Z homing only when the probe is outside bed area.


#define Z_SAFE_HOMING_X_POINT (X_MAX_LENGTH/2) // X point for Z homing when homing all axis (G28)
#define Z_SAFE_HOMING_Y_POINT (Y_MAX_LENGTH/2) // Y point for Z homing when homing all axis (G28)



// The position of the homing switches
//#define MANUAL_HOME_POSITIONS // If defined, MANUAL_*_HOME_POS below will be used
//#define BED_CENTER_AT_0_0 // If defined, the center of the bed is at (X=0, Y=0)

//Manual homing switch locations:
// For deltabots this means top and center of the Cartesian print volume.
//#define MANUAL_Z_HOME_POS 402 // For delta: Distance between nozzle and print surface after homing.

#define NUM_AXIS 4 // The axis order in all axis related arrays is X, Y, Z, E
#define HOMING_FEEDRATE {30*60, 30*60, 4*60, 0} // set the homing speeds (mm/min)

// default settings

#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {80,80,2560.00,94} // default steps per unit for Ultimaker, (600 era 94!) (vite Z M8)
#define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE {500, 500, 5, 25} // (mm/sec)
#define DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION {200,200,10,1000} // X, Y, Z, E maximum start speed for accelerated moves. E default values are good for Skeinforge 40+, for older versions raise them a lot.

#define DEFAULT_ACCELERATION 3000 // X, Y, Z and E max acceleration in mm/s^2 for printing moves
#define DEFAULT_RETRACT_ACCELERATION 3000 // X, Y, Z and E max acceleration in mm/s^2 for retracts

// Offset of the extruders (uncomment if using more than one and relying on firmware to position when changing).
// The offset has to be X=0, Y=0 for the extruder 0 hotend (default extruder).
// For the other hotends it is their distance from the extruder 0 hotend.
// #define EXTRUDER_OFFSET_X {0.0, 20.00} // (in mm) for each extruder, offset of the hotend on the X axis
// #define EXTRUDER_OFFSET_Y {0.0, 5.00} // (in mm) for each extruder, offset of the hotend on the Y axis

// The speed change that does not require acceleration (i.e. the software might assume it can be done instantaneously)
#define DEFAULT_XYJERK 20.0 // (mm/sec)
#define DEFAULT_ZJERK 0.4 // (mm/sec)
#define DEFAULT_EJERK 5.0 // (mm/sec)

//=============================Additional Features===========================

// Custom M code points

// The microcontroller can store settings in the EEPROM, e.g. max velocity...
// M500 - stores parameters in EEPROM
// M501 - reads parameters from EEPROM (if you need reset them after you changed them temporarily).
// M502 - reverts to the default "factory settings". You still need to store them in EEPROM afterwards if you want to.
//define this to enable EEPROM support
//to disable EEPROM Serial responses and decrease program space by ~1700 byte: comment this out:
// please keep turned on if you can.

// Preheat Constants
#define PLA_PREHEAT_FAN_SPEED 255 // Insert Value between 0 and 255

#define ABS_PREHEAT_FAN_SPEED 255 // Insert Value between 0 and 255

//LCD and SD support
//#define ULTRA_LCD //general LCD support, also 16x2
//#define DOGLCD // Support for SPI LCD 128x64 (Controller ST7565R graphic Display Family)
//#define SDSUPPORT // Enable SD Card Support in Hardware Console
//#define SDSLOW // Use slower SD transfer mode (not normally needed - uncomment if you're getting volume init error)
//#define SD_CHECK_AND_RETRY // Use CRC checks and retries on the SD communication
//#define ENCODER_PULSES_PER_STEP 1 // Increase if you have a high resolution encoder
//#define ENCODER_STEPS_PER_MENU_ITEM 5 // Set according to ENCODER_PULSES_PER_STEP or your liking
//#define ULTIMAKERCONTROLLER //as available from the Ultimaker online store.
//#define ULTIPANEL //the UltiPanel as on Thingiverse
#define LCD_FEEDBACK_FREQUENCY_HZ 1000 // this is the tone frequency the buzzer plays when on UI feedback. ie Screen Click
#define LCD_FEEDBACK_FREQUENCY_DURATION_MS 100 // the duration the buzzer plays the UI feedback sound. ie Screen Click

// The MaKr3d Makr-Panel with graphic controller and SD support
//#define MAKRPANEL

// The RepRapDiscount Smart Controller (white PCB)

// The GADGETS3D G3D LCD/SD Controller (blue PCB)
//#define G3D_PANEL

// The RepRapDiscount FULL GRAPHIC Smart Controller (quadratic white PCB)
// ==> REMEMBER TO INSTALL U8glib to your ARDUINO library folder:

// The RepRapWorld REPRAPWORLD_KEYPAD v1.1
//#define REPRAPWORLD_KEYPAD_MOVE_STEP 10.0 // how much should be moved when a key is pressed, eg 10.0 means 10mm per click

// The Elefu RA Board Control Panel
// REMEMBER TO INSTALL LiquidCrystal_I2C.h in your ARUDINO library folder:

//automatic expansion
#if defined (MAKRPANEL)
#define DOGLCD
#define NEWPANEL

#define DOGLCD
#define U8GLIB_ST7920

#define NEWPANEL

#define NEWPANEL
#if defined(RA_CONTROL_PANEL)
#define NEWPANEL
#define LCD_I2C_TYPE_PCA8574
#define LCD_I2C_ADDRESS 0x27 // I2C Address of the port expander


// This uses the LiquidCrystal_I2C library ( )
// Make sure it is placed in the Arduino libraries directory.
#define LCD_I2C_TYPE_PCF8575
#define LCD_I2C_ADDRESS 0x27 // I2C Address of the port expander
#define NEWPANEL

// PANELOLU2 LCD with status LEDs, separate encoder and click inputs
//#define LCD_I2C_PANELOLU2
// This uses the LiquidTWI2 library v1.2.3 or later ( )
// Make sure the LiquidTWI2 directory is placed in the Arduino or Sketchbook libraries subdirectory.
// (v1.2.3 no longer requires you to define PANELOLU in the LiquidTWI2.h library header file)
// Note: The PANELOLU2 encoder click input can either be directly connected to a pin
// (if BTN_ENC defined to != -1) or read through I2C (when BTN_ENC == -1).
#define LCD_I2C_TYPE_MCP23017
#define LCD_I2C_ADDRESS 0x20 // I2C Address of the port expander
#define LCD_USE_I2C_ //comment out to disable buzzer on LCD
#define NEWPANEL





// Panucatt VIKI LCD with status LEDs, integrated click & L/R/U/P buttons, separate encoder inputs
//#define LCD_I2C_VIKI
#ifdef LCD_I2C_VIKI
// This uses the LiquidTWI2 library v1.2.3 or later ( )
// Make sure the LiquidTWI2 directory is placed in the Arduino or Sketchbook libraries subdirectory.
// Note: The pause/stop/resume LCD button pin should be connected to the Arduino
// BTN_ENC pin (or set BTN_ENC to -1 if not used)
#define LCD_I2C_TYPE_MCP23017
#define LCD_I2C_ADDRESS 0x20 // I2C Address of the port expander
#define LCD_USE_I2C_BUZZER //comment out to disable buzzer on LCD (requires LiquidTWI2 v1.2.3 or later)
#define NEWPANEL

// Shift register panels
// ---------------------
// 2 wire Non-latching LCD SR from:
//#define SR_LCD
#ifdef SR_LCD
#define SR_LCD_2W_NL // Non latching 2 wire shift register
//#define NEWPANEL

// #define NEWPANEL //enable this if you have a click-encoder panel
#define ULTRA_LCD
#ifdef DOGLCD // Change number of lines to match the DOG graphic display
#define LCD_WIDTH 20
#define LCD_HEIGHT 5
#define LCD_WIDTH 20
#define LCD_HEIGHT 4
#else //no panel but just LCD
#ifdef ULTRA_LCD
#ifdef DOGLCD // Change number of lines to match the 128x64 graphics display
#define LCD_WIDTH 20
#define LCD_HEIGHT 5
#define LCD_WIDTH 16
#define LCD_HEIGHT 2

// default LCD contrast for dogm-like LCD displays
#ifdef DOGLCD
# endif

// Increase the FAN pwm frequency. Removes the PWM noise but increases heating in the FET/Arduino
//#define FAST_PWM_FAN

// Temperature status LEDs that display the hotend and bet temperature.
// If all hotends and bed temperature and temperature setpoint are < 54C then the BLUE led is on.
// Otherwise the RED led is on. There is 1C hysteresis.
//#define TEMP_STAT_LEDS

// Use software PWM to drive the fan, as for the heaters. This uses a very low frequency
// which is not ass annoying as with the hardware PWM. On the other hand, if this frequency
// is too low, you should also increment SOFT_PWM_SCALE.
//#define FAN_SOFT_PWM

// Incrementing this by 1 will double the software PWM frequency,
// affecting heaters, and the fan if FAN_SOFT_PWM is enabled.
// However, control resolution will be halved for each increment;
// at zero value, there are 128 effective control positions.
#define SOFT_PWM_SCALE 0

// M240 Triggers a camera by emulating a Canon RC-1 Remote
// Data from:
// #define PHOTOGRAPH_PIN 23

// SF send wrong arc g-codes when using Arc Point as fillet procedure
//#define SF_ARC_FIX

// Support for the BariCUDA Paste Extruder.
//#define BARICUDA

//define BlinkM/CyzRgb Support
//#define BLINKM

* R/C SERVO support
* Sponsored by TrinityLabs, Reworked by codexmas

// Number of servos
// If you select a configuration below, this will receive a default value and does not need to be set manually
// set it manually if you have more servos than extruders and wish to manually control some
// leaving it undefined or defining as 0 will disable the servo subsystem
// If unsure, leave commented / disabled
//#define NUM_SERVOS 1 // Servo index starts with 0 for M280 command

// Servo Endstops
// This allows for servo actuated endstops, primary usage is for the Z Axis to eliminate calibration or bed height changes.
// Use M206 command to correct for switch height offset to actual nozzle height. Store that setting with M500.
//#define SERVO_ENDSTOPS {-1, -1, 0} // Servo index for X, Y, Z. Disable with -1
//#define SERVO_ENDSTOP_ANGLES {0,0, 0,0, 55,115} // X,Y,Z Axis Extend and Retract angles

#include "Configuration_adv.h"
#include "thermistortables.h"


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#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {80,80,2560.00,94} // default steps per unit for Ultimaker, (600 era 94!) (vite Z M8)
#define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE {500, 500, 5, 25} // (mm/sec)
#define DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION {200,200,10,1000} // X, Y, Z, E maximum start speed for accelerated moves. E default values are good for


non sò con esattezza il proverei a portare a MAX_ feedrate X,Y 130mm/sec

Perchè con una puleggia 20 denti e credo a ottavi di passo con quei motorini è già molto arrivare a 130mm/sec

ma nella parte iniziale del gcode Cura indica anche la velocità a cui eseguire l'operazione ??

es. G1 X200 Y10 F5000 ???

fammi sapere



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Ciao Marco, grazie per il consiglio.


ecco un pezzo di gcode che genera cura attraverso repetier-host, quindi la risposta alla tua domanda è "si" ma non capisco da dove li prenda quei valori "F"! Nei parametri ho scritto 400 mm/s e qui non ne vedo l' ombra!

G0 F9000 X96.400 Y96.400 Z2.000
G1 F900 X203.600 Y96.400 E35.65486
G1 X203.600 Y203.600 E71.30973
G1 X96.400 Y203.600 E106.96459
G1 X96.400 Y96.400 E142.61946

oggi pomeriggio provo a fare la modifica del feed...


La cosa strana è che se durante la stampa cambio manualmente la percentuale del feed la velocità cambia...mah! Tra l' altro devo vedere se diminuendo la velocità, tipo 20mm/s in cura, la stampa va effettivamente più lenta, perchè non ne sono mica sicuro! 





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Ciao Marco, grazie per il consiglio.


ecco un pezzo di gcode che genera cura attraverso repetier-host, quindi la risposta alla tua domanda è "si" ma non capisco da dove li prenda quei valori "F"! Nei parametri ho scritto 400 mm/s e qui non ne vedo l' ombra!



G0 F9000 X96.400 Y96.400 Z2.000


G1 F900 X203.600 Y96.400 E35.65486

G1 X203.600 Y203.600 E71.30973

G1 X96.400 Y203.600 E106.96459

G1 X96.400 Y96.400 E142.61946

oggi pomeriggio provo a fare la modifica del feed...


La cosa strana è che se durante la stampa cambio manualmente la percentuale del feed la velocità cambia...mah! Tra l' altro devo vedere se diminuendo la velocità, tipo 20mm/s in cura, la stampa va effettivamente più lenta, perchè non ne sono mica sicuro! 

ok vai per gradi

400mm/sec * 60 = F24000 ma di velocità di stampa

i 9000 sono dovuti al travel speed di cura (default 150*60=9000)

i 900 sono dovuti a il bottom layer speed (che forse sarà 900/60 =15mm/sec)

mi puoi confermare??



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Spostamento 9000 ok, ma gli altri non mi tornato, ecco il gcode completo (un cubo 100x100mm senza bottom/top e con uno smussino prima del top):

;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 14.12
; Default start code
G28 ; Home extruder
G1 Z15 F1000
;m201 x300 y300 z300
;m202 x300 y300 z300
M107 ; Turn off fan
G90 ; Absolute positioning
M82 ; Extruder in absolute mode
; Activate all used extruder
M104 T0 S190
G92 E0 ; Reset extruder position
; Wait for all used extruders to reach temperature
M109 T0 S190
;Layer count: 491
G0 F9000 X96.400 Y96.400 Z2.000
G1 F900 X203.600 Y96.400 E35.65486
G1 X203.600 Y203.600 E71.30973
G1 X96.400 Y203.600 E106.96459
G1 X96.400 Y96.400 E142.61946
G0 F9000 X96.800 Y96.800
G1 F900 X203.200 Y96.800 E178.00824
G1 X203.200 Y203.200 E213.39703
G1 X96.800 Y203.200 E248.78581
G1 X96.800 Y96.800 E284.17459
G1 F600 E283.67459
G1 Z2.100
G0 F9000 X100.200 Y100.200
G1 Z2.000
G1 F600 E284.17459
G1 F900 X199.800 Y100.200 E317.30169
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 E350.42878
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 E383.55588
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 E416.68297
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z2.500 E449.81007
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z3.000 E482.93716
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z3.500 E516.06426
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z4.000 E549.19135
G0 F9000 X100.200 Y100.200 Z2.200
G1 F2880 X199.800 Y100.200 Z2.250 E552.50406
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z2.300 E555.81677
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z2.350 E559.12948
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z2.400 E562.44219
G1 F4740 X199.800 Y100.200 Z2.450 E565.75490
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z2.500 E569.06761
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z2.550 E572.38032
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z2.600 E575.69303
G1 F4680 X199.800 Y100.200 Z2.650 E579.00573
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z2.700 E582.31844
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z2.750 E585.63115
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z2.800 E588.94386
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z2.850 E592.25657
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z2.900 E595.56928
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z2.950 E598.88199
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z3.000 E602.19470
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z3.050 E605.50741
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z3.100 E608.82012
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z3.150 E612.13283
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z3.200 E615.44554
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z3.250 E618.75825
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z3.300 E622.07096
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z3.350 E625.38367
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z3.400 E628.69638
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z3.450 E632.00909
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z3.500 E635.32180
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z3.550 E638.63451
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z3.600 E641.94721
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z3.650 E645.25992
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z3.700 E648.57263
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z3.750 E651.88534
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z3.800 E655.19805
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z3.850 E658.51076
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z3.900 E661.82347
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z3.950 E665.13618
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z4.000 E668.44889
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z4.050 E671.76160
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z4.100 E675.07431
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z4.150 E678.38702
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z4.200 E681.69973
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z4.250 E685.01244
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z4.300 E688.32515
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z4.350 E691.63786
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z4.400 E694.95057
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z4.450 E698.26328
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z4.500 E701.57598
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z4.550 E704.88869
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z4.600 E708.20140
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z4.650 E711.51411
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z4.700 E714.82682
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z4.750 E718.13953
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z4.800 E721.45224
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z4.850 E724.76495
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z4.900 E728.07766
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z4.950 E731.39037
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z5.000 E734.70308
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z5.050 E738.01579
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z5.100 E741.32850
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z5.150 E744.64121
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z5.200 E747.95392
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z5.250 E751.26663
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z5.300 E754.57934
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z5.350 E757.89205
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z5.400 E761.20475
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z5.450 E764.51746
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z5.500 E767.83017
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z5.550 E771.14288
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z5.600 E774.45559
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z5.650 E777.76830
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z5.700 E781.08101
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z5.750 E784.39372
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z5.800 E787.70643
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z5.850 E791.01914
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z5.900 E794.33185
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z5.950 E797.64456
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z6.000 E800.95727
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z6.050 E804.26998
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z6.100 E807.58269
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z6.150 E810.89540
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z6.200 E814.20811
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z6.250 E817.52082
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z6.300 E820.83352
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z6.350 E824.14623
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z6.400 E827.45894
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z6.450 E830.77165
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z6.500 E834.08436
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z6.550 E837.39707
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z6.600 E840.70978
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z6.650 E844.02249
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z6.700 E847.33520
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z6.750 E850.64791
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z6.800 E853.96062
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z6.850 E857.27333
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z6.900 E860.58604
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z6.950 E863.89875
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z7.000 E867.21146
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z7.050 E870.52417
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z7.100 E873.83688
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z7.150 E877.14959
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z7.200 E880.46229
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z7.250 E883.77500
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z7.300 E887.08771
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z7.350 E890.40042
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z7.400 E893.71313
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z7.450 E897.02584
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z7.500 E900.33855
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z7.550 E903.65126
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z7.600 E906.96397
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z7.650 E910.27668
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z7.700 E913.58939
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z7.750 E916.90210
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z7.800 E920.21481
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z7.850 E923.52752
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z7.900 E926.84023
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z7.950 E930.15294
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z8.000 E933.46565
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z8.050 E936.77836
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z8.100 E940.09107
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z8.150 E943.40377
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z8.200 E946.71648
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z8.250 E950.02919
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z8.300 E953.34190
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z8.350 E956.65461
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z8.400 E959.96732
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z8.450 E963.28003
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z8.500 E966.59274
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z8.550 E969.90545
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z8.600 E973.21816
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z8.650 E976.53087
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z8.700 E979.84358
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z8.750 E983.15629
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z8.800 E986.46900
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z8.850 E989.78171
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z8.900 E993.09442
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z8.950 E996.40713
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z9.000 E999.71984
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z9.050 E1003.03254
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z9.100 E1006.34525
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z9.150 E1009.65796
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z9.200 E1012.97067
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z9.250 E1016.28338
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z9.300 E1019.59609
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z9.350 E1022.90880
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z9.400 E1026.22151
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z9.450 E1029.53422
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z9.500 E1032.84693
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z9.550 E1036.15964
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z9.600 E1039.47235
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z9.650 E1042.78506
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z9.700 E1046.09777
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z9.750 E1049.41048
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z9.800 E1052.72319
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z9.850 E1056.03590
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z9.900 E1059.34861
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z9.950 E1062.66131
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z10.000 E1065.97402
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z10.050 E1069.28673
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z10.100 E1072.59944
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z10.150 E1075.91215
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z10.200 E1079.22486
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z10.250 E1082.53757
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z10.300 E1085.85028
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z10.350 E1089.16299
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z10.400 E1092.47570
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z10.450 E1095.78841
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z10.500 E1099.10112
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z10.550 E1102.41383
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z10.600 E1105.72654
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z10.650 E1109.03925
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z10.700 E1112.35196
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z10.750 E1115.66467
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z10.800 E1118.97738
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z10.850 E1122.29008
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z10.900 E1125.60279
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z10.950 E1128.91550
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z11.000 E1132.22821
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z11.050 E1135.54092
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z11.100 E1138.85363
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z11.150 E1142.16634
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z11.200 E1145.47905
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z11.250 E1148.79176
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z11.300 E1152.10447
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z11.350 E1155.41718
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z11.400 E1158.72989
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z11.450 E1162.04260
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z11.500 E1165.35531
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z11.550 E1168.66802
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z11.600 E1171.98073
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z11.650 E1175.29344
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z11.700 E1178.60615
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z11.750 E1181.91885
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z11.800 E1185.23156
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z11.850 E1188.54427
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z11.900 E1191.85698
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z11.950 E1195.16969
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z12.000 E1198.48240
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z12.050 E1201.79511
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z12.100 E1205.10782
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z12.150 E1208.42053
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z12.200 E1211.73324
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z12.250 E1215.04595
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z12.300 E1218.35866
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z12.350 E1221.67137
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z12.400 E1224.98408
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z12.450 E1228.29679
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z12.500 E1231.60950
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z12.550 E1234.92221
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z12.600 E1238.23492
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z12.650 E1241.54763
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z12.700 E1244.86033
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z12.750 E1248.17304
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z12.800 E1251.48575
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z12.850 E1254.79846
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z12.900 E1258.11117
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z12.950 E1261.42388
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z13.000 E1264.73659
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z13.050 E1268.04930
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z13.100 E1271.36201
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z13.150 E1274.67472
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z13.200 E1277.98743
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z13.250 E1281.30014
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z13.300 E1284.61285
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z13.350 E1287.92556
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z13.400 E1291.23827
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z13.450 E1294.55098
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z13.500 E1297.86369
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z13.550 E1301.17640
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z13.600 E1304.48910
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z13.650 E1307.80181
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z13.700 E1311.11452
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z13.750 E1314.42723
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z13.800 E1317.73994
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z13.850 E1321.05265
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z13.900 E1324.36536
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z13.950 E1327.67807
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z14.000 E1330.99078
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z14.050 E1334.30349
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z14.100 E1337.61620
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z14.150 E1340.92891
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z14.200 E1344.24162
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z14.250 E1347.55433
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z14.300 E1350.86704
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z14.350 E1354.17975
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z14.400 E1357.49246
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z14.450 E1360.80517
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z14.500 E1364.11787
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z14.550 E1367.43058
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z14.600 E1370.74329
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z14.650 E1374.05600
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z14.700 E1377.36871
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z14.750 E1380.68142
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z14.800 E1383.99413
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z14.850 E1387.30684
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z14.900 E1390.61955
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z14.950 E1393.93226
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z15.000 E1397.24497
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z15.050 E1400.55768
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z15.100 E1403.87039
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z15.150 E1407.18310
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z15.200 E1410.49581
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z15.250 E1413.80852
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z15.300 E1417.12123
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z15.350 E1420.43394
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z15.400 E1423.74664
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z15.450 E1427.05935
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z15.500 E1430.37206
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z15.550 E1433.68477
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z15.600 E1436.99748
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z15.650 E1440.31019
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z15.700 E1443.62290
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z15.750 E1446.93561
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z15.800 E1450.24832
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z15.850 E1453.56103
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z15.900 E1456.87374
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z15.950 E1460.18645
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z16.000 E1463.49916
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z16.050 E1466.81187
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z16.100 E1470.12458
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z16.150 E1473.43729
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z16.200 E1476.75000
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z16.250 E1480.06271
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z16.300 E1483.37541
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z16.350 E1486.68812
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z16.400 E1490.00083
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z16.450 E1493.31354
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z16.500 E1496.62625
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z16.550 E1499.93896
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z16.600 E1503.25167
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z16.650 E1506.56438
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z16.700 E1509.87709
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z16.750 E1513.18980
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z16.800 E1516.50251
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z16.850 E1519.81522
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z16.900 E1523.12793
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z16.950 E1526.44064
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z17.000 E1529.75335
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z17.050 E1533.06606
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z17.100 E1536.37877
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z17.150 E1539.69148
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z17.200 E1543.00419
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z17.250 E1546.31689
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z17.300 E1549.62960
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z17.350 E1552.94231
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z17.400 E1556.25502
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z17.450 E1559.56773
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z17.500 E1562.88044
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z17.550 E1566.19315
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z17.600 E1569.50586
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z17.650 E1572.81857
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z17.700 E1576.13128
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z17.750 E1579.44399
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z17.800 E1582.75670
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z17.850 E1586.06941
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z17.900 E1589.38212
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z17.950 E1592.69483
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z18.000 E1596.00754
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z18.050 E1599.32025
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z18.100 E1602.63296
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z18.150 E1605.94566
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z18.200 E1609.25837
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z18.250 E1612.57108
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z18.300 E1615.88379
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z18.350 E1619.19650
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z18.400 E1622.50921
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z18.450 E1625.82192
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z18.500 E1629.13463
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z18.550 E1632.44734
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z18.600 E1635.76005
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z18.650 E1639.07276
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z18.700 E1642.38547
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z18.750 E1645.69818
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z18.800 E1649.01089
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z18.850 E1652.32360
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z18.900 E1655.63631
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z18.950 E1658.94902
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z19.000 E1662.26173
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z19.050 E1665.57443
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z19.100 E1668.88714
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z19.150 E1672.19985
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z19.200 E1675.51256
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z19.250 E1678.82527
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z19.300 E1682.13798
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z19.350 E1685.45069
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z19.400 E1688.76340
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z19.450 E1692.07611
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z19.500 E1695.38882
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z19.550 E1698.70153
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z19.600 E1702.01424
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z19.650 E1705.32695
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z19.700 E1708.63966
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z19.750 E1711.95237
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z19.800 E1715.26508
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z19.850 E1718.57779
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z19.900 E1721.89050
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z19.950 E1725.20320
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z20.000 E1728.51591
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z20.050 E1731.82862
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z20.100 E1735.14133
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z20.150 E1738.45404
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z20.200 E1741.76675
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z20.250 E1745.07946
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z20.300 E1748.39217
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z20.350 E1751.70488
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z20.400 E1755.01759
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z20.450 E1758.33030
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z20.500 E1761.64301
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z20.550 E1764.95572
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z20.600 E1768.26843
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z20.650 E1771.58114
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z20.700 E1774.89385
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z20.750 E1778.20656
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z20.800 E1781.51927
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z20.850 E1784.83197
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z20.900 E1788.14468
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z20.950 E1791.45739
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z21.000 E1794.77010
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z21.050 E1798.08281
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z21.100 E1801.39552
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z21.150 E1804.70823
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z21.200 E1808.02094
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z21.250 E1811.33365
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z21.300 E1814.64636
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z21.350 E1817.95907
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z21.400 E1821.27178
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z21.450 E1824.58449
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z21.500 E1827.89720
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z21.550 E1831.20991
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z21.600 E1834.52262
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z21.650 E1837.83533
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z21.700 E1841.14804
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z21.750 E1844.46075
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z21.800 E1847.77345
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z21.850 E1851.08616
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z21.900 E1854.39887
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z21.950 E1857.71158
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z22.000 E1861.02429
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z22.050 E1864.33700
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z22.100 E1867.64971
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z22.150 E1870.96242
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z22.200 E1874.27513
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z22.250 E1877.58784
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z22.300 E1880.90055
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z22.350 E1884.21326
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z22.400 E1887.52597
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z22.450 E1890.83868
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z22.500 E1894.15139
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z22.550 E1897.46410
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z22.600 E1900.77681
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z22.650 E1904.08952
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z22.700 E1907.40222
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z22.750 E1910.71493
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z22.800 E1914.02764
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z22.850 E1917.34035
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z22.900 E1920.65306
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z22.950 E1923.96577
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z23.000 E1927.27848
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z23.050 E1930.59119
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z23.100 E1933.90390
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z23.150 E1937.21661
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z23.200 E1940.52932
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z23.250 E1943.84203
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z23.300 E1947.15474
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z23.350 E1950.46745
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z23.400 E1953.78016
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z23.450 E1957.09287
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z23.500 E1960.40558
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z23.550 E1963.71829
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z23.600 E1967.03099
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z23.650 E1970.34370
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z23.700 E1973.65641
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z23.750 E1976.96912
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z23.800 E1980.28183
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z23.850 E1983.59454
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z23.900 E1986.90725
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z23.950 E1990.21996
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z24.000 E1993.53267
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z24.050 E1996.84538
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z24.100 E2000.15809
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z24.150 E2003.47080
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z24.200 E2006.78351
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z24.250 E2010.09622
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z24.300 E2013.40893
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z24.350 E2016.72164
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z24.400 E2020.03435
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z24.450 E2023.34706
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z24.500 E2026.65976
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z24.550 E2029.97247
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z24.600 E2033.28518
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z24.650 E2036.59789
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z24.700 E2039.91060
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z24.750 E2043.22331
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z24.800 E2046.53602
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z24.850 E2049.84873
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z24.900 E2053.16144
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z24.950 E2056.47415
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z25.000 E2059.78686
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z25.050 E2063.09957
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z25.100 E2066.41228
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z25.150 E2069.72499
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z25.200 E2073.03770
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z25.250 E2076.35041
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z25.300 E2079.66312
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z25.350 E2082.97583
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z25.400 E2086.28853
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z25.450 E2089.60124
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z25.500 E2092.91395
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z25.550 E2096.22666
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z25.600 E2099.53937
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z25.650 E2102.85208
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z25.700 E2106.16479
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z25.750 E2109.47750
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z25.800 E2112.79021
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z25.850 E2116.10292
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z25.900 E2119.41563
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z25.950 E2122.72834
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z26.000 E2126.04105
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z26.050 E2129.35376
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z26.100 E2132.66647
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z26.150 E2135.97918
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z26.200 E2139.29189
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z26.250 E2142.60460
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z26.300 E2145.91731
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z26.350 E2149.23001
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z26.400 E2152.54272
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z26.450 E2155.85543
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z26.500 E2159.16814
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z26.550 E2162.48085
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z26.600 E2165.79356
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z26.650 E2169.10627
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z26.700 E2172.41898
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z26.750 E2175.73169
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z26.800 E2179.04440
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z26.850 E2182.35711
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z26.900 E2185.66982
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z26.950 E2188.98253
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z27.000 E2192.29524
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z27.050 E2195.60795
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z27.100 E2198.92066
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z27.150 E2202.23337
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z27.200 E2205.54608
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z27.250 E2208.85878
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z27.300 E2212.17149
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z27.350 E2215.48420
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z27.400 E2218.79691
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z27.450 E2222.10962
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z27.500 E2225.42233
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z27.550 E2228.73504
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z27.600 E2232.04775
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z27.650 E2235.36046
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z27.700 E2238.67317
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z27.750 E2241.98588
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z27.800 E2245.29859
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z27.850 E2248.61130
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z27.900 E2251.92401
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z27.950 E2255.23672
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z28.000 E2258.54943
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z28.050 E2261.86214
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z28.100 E2265.17485
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z28.150 E2268.48755
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z28.200 E2271.80026
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z28.250 E2275.11297
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z28.300 E2278.42568
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z28.350 E2281.73839
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z28.400 E2285.05110
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z28.450 E2288.36381
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z28.500 E2291.67652
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z28.550 E2294.98923
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z28.600 E2298.30194
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z28.650 E2301.61465
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z28.700 E2304.92736
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z28.750 E2308.24007
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z28.800 E2311.55278
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z28.850 E2314.86549
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z28.900 E2318.17820
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z28.950 E2321.49091
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z29.000 E2324.80362
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z29.050 E2328.11632
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z29.100 E2331.42903
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z29.150 E2334.74174
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z29.200 E2338.05445
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z29.250 E2341.36716
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z29.300 E2344.67987
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z29.350 E2347.99258
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z29.400 E2351.30529
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z29.450 E2354.61800
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z29.500 E2357.93071
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z29.550 E2361.24342
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z29.600 E2364.55613
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z29.650 E2367.86884
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z29.700 E2371.18155
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z29.750 E2374.49426
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z29.800 E2377.80697
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z29.850 E2381.11968
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z29.900 E2384.43239
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z29.950 E2387.74509
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z30.000 E2391.05780
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z30.050 E2394.37051
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z30.100 E2397.68322
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z30.150 E2400.99593
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z30.200 E2404.30864
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z30.250 E2407.62135
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z30.300 E2410.93406
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z30.350 E2414.24677
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z30.400 E2417.55948
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z30.450 E2420.87219
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z30.500 E2424.18490
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z30.550 E2427.49761
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z30.600 E2430.81032
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z30.650 E2434.12303
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z30.700 E2437.43574
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z30.750 E2440.74845
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z30.800 E2444.06116
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z30.850 E2447.37387
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z30.900 E2450.68657
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z30.950 E2453.99928
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z31.000 E2457.31199
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z31.050 E2460.62470
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z31.100 E2463.93741
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z31.150 E2467.25012
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z31.200 E2470.56283
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z31.250 E2473.87554
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z31.300 E2477.18825
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z31.350 E2480.50096
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z31.400 E2483.81367
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z31.450 E2487.12638
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z31.500 E2490.43909
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z31.550 E2493.75180
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z31.600 E2497.06451
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z31.650 E2500.37722
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z31.700 E2503.68993
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z31.750 E2507.00264
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z31.800 E2510.31534
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z31.850 E2513.62805
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z31.900 E2516.94076
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z31.950 E2520.25347
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z32.000 E2523.56618
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z32.050 E2526.87889
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z32.100 E2530.19160
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z32.150 E2533.50431
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z32.200 E2536.81702
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z32.250 E2540.12973
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z32.300 E2543.44244
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z32.350 E2546.75515
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z32.400 E2550.06786
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z32.450 E2553.38057
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z32.500 E2556.69328
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z32.550 E2560.00599
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z32.600 E2563.31870
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z32.650 E2566.63141
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z32.700 E2569.94411
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z32.750 E2573.25682
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z32.800 E2576.56953
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z32.850 E2579.88224
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z32.900 E2583.19495
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z32.950 E2586.50766
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z33.000 E2589.82037
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z33.050 E2593.13308
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z33.100 E2596.44579
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z33.150 E2599.75850
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z33.200 E2603.07121
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z33.250 E2606.38392
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z33.300 E2609.69663
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z33.350 E2613.00934
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z33.400 E2616.32205
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z33.450 E2619.63476
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z33.500 E2622.94747
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z33.550 E2626.26018
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z33.600 E2629.57288
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z33.650 E2632.88559
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z33.700 E2636.19830
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z33.750 E2639.51101
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z33.800 E2642.82372
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z33.850 E2646.13643
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z33.900 E2649.44914
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z33.950 E2652.76185
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z34.000 E2656.07456
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z34.050 E2659.38727
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z34.100 E2662.69998
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z34.150 E2666.01269
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z34.200 E2669.32540
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z34.250 E2672.63811
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z34.300 E2675.95082
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z34.350 E2679.26353
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z34.400 E2682.57624
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z34.450 E2685.88895
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z34.500 E2689.20165
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z34.550 E2692.51436
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z34.600 E2695.82707
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z34.650 E2699.13978
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z34.700 E2702.45249
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z34.750 E2705.76520
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z34.800 E2709.07791
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z34.850 E2712.39062
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z34.900 E2715.70333
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z34.950 E2719.01604
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z35.000 E2722.32875
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z35.050 E2725.64146
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z35.100 E2728.95417
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z35.150 E2732.26688
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z35.200 E2735.57959
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z35.250 E2738.89230
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z35.300 E2742.20501
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z35.350 E2745.51772
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z35.400 E2748.83043
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z35.450 E2752.14313
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z35.500 E2755.45584
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z35.550 E2758.76855
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z35.600 E2762.08126
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z35.650 E2765.39397
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z35.700 E2768.70668
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z35.750 E2772.01939
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z35.800 E2775.33210
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z35.850 E2778.64481
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z35.900 E2781.95752
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z35.950 E2785.27023
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z36.000 E2788.58294
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z36.050 E2791.89565
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z36.100 E2795.20836
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z36.150 E2798.52107
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z36.200 E2801.83378
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z36.250 E2805.14649
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z36.300 E2808.45920
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z36.350 E2811.77190
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z36.400 E2815.08461
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z36.450 E2818.39732
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z36.500 E2821.71003
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z36.550 E2825.02274
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z36.600 E2828.33545
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z36.650 E2831.64816
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z36.700 E2834.96087
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z36.750 E2838.27358
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z36.800 E2841.58629
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z36.850 E2844.89900
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z36.900 E2848.21171
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z36.950 E2851.52442
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z37.000 E2854.83713
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z37.050 E2858.14984
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z37.100 E2861.46255
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z37.150 E2864.77526
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z37.200 E2868.08797
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z37.250 E2871.40067
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z37.300 E2874.71338
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z37.350 E2878.02609
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z37.400 E2881.33880
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z37.450 E2884.65151
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z37.500 E2887.96422
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z37.550 E2891.27693
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z37.600 E2894.58964
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z37.650 E2897.90235
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z37.700 E2901.21506
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z37.750 E2904.52777
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z37.800 E2907.84048
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z37.850 E2911.15319
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z37.900 E2914.46590
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z37.950 E2917.77861
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z38.000 E2921.09132
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z38.050 E2924.40403
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z38.100 E2927.71674
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z38.150 E2931.02944
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z38.200 E2934.34215
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z38.250 E2937.65486
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z38.300 E2940.96757
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z38.350 E2944.28028
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z38.400 E2947.59299
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z38.450 E2950.90570
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z38.500 E2954.21841
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z38.550 E2957.53112
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z38.600 E2960.84383
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z38.650 E2964.15654
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z38.700 E2967.46925
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z38.750 E2970.78196
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z38.800 E2974.09467
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z38.850 E2977.40738
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z38.900 E2980.72009
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z38.950 E2984.03280
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z39.000 E2987.34551
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z39.050 E2990.65821
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z39.100 E2993.97092
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z39.150 E2997.28363
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z39.200 E3000.59634
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z39.250 E3003.90905
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z39.300 E3007.22176
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z39.350 E3010.53447
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z39.400 E3013.84718
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z39.450 E3017.15989
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z39.500 E3020.47260
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z39.550 E3023.78531
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z39.600 E3027.09802
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z39.650 E3030.41073
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z39.700 E3033.72344
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z39.750 E3037.03615
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z39.800 E3040.34886
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z39.850 E3043.66157
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z39.900 E3046.97428
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z39.950 E3050.28699
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z40.000 E3053.59969
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z40.050 E3056.91240
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z40.100 E3060.22511
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z40.150 E3063.53782
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z40.200 E3066.85053
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z40.250 E3070.16324
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z40.300 E3073.47595
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z40.350 E3076.78866
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z40.400 E3080.10137
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z40.450 E3083.41408
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z40.500 E3086.72679
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z40.550 E3090.03950
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z40.600 E3093.35221
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z40.650 E3096.66492
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z40.700 E3099.97763
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z40.750 E3103.29034
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z40.800 E3106.60305
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z40.850 E3109.91576
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z40.900 E3113.22846
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z40.950 E3116.54117
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z41.000 E3119.85388
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z41.050 E3123.16659
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z41.100 E3126.47930
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z41.150 E3129.79201
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z41.200 E3133.10472
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z41.250 E3136.41743
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z41.300 E3139.73014
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z41.350 E3143.04285
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z41.400 E3146.35556
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z41.450 E3149.66827
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z41.500 E3152.98098
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z41.550 E3156.29369
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z41.600 E3159.60640
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z41.650 E3162.91911
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z41.700 E3166.23182
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z41.750 E3169.54453
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z41.800 E3172.85723
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z41.850 E3176.16994
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z41.900 E3179.48265
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z41.950 E3182.79536
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z42.000 E3186.10807
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z42.050 E3189.42078
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z42.100 E3192.73349
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z42.150 E3196.04620
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z42.200 E3199.35891
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z42.250 E3202.67162
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z42.300 E3205.98433
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z42.350 E3209.29704
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z42.400 E3212.60975
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z42.450 E3215.92246
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z42.500 E3219.23517
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z42.550 E3222.54788
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z42.600 E3225.86059
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z42.650 E3229.17330
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z42.700 E3232.48600
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z42.750 E3235.79871
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z42.800 E3239.11142
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z42.850 E3242.42413
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z42.900 E3245.73684
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z42.950 E3249.04955
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z43.000 E3252.36226
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z43.050 E3255.67497
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z43.100 E3258.98768
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z43.150 E3262.30039
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z43.200 E3265.61310
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z43.250 E3268.92581
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z43.300 E3272.23852
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z43.350 E3275.55123
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z43.400 E3278.86394
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z43.450 E3282.17665
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z43.500 E3285.48936
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z43.550 E3288.80207
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z43.600 E3292.11477
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z43.650 E3295.42748
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z43.700 E3298.74019
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z43.750 E3302.05290
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z43.800 E3305.36561
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z43.850 E3308.67832
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z43.900 E3311.99103
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z43.950 E3315.30374
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z44.000 E3318.61645
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z44.050 E3321.92916
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z44.100 E3325.24187
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z44.150 E3328.55458
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z44.200 E3331.86729
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z44.250 E3335.18000
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z44.300 E3338.49271
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z44.350 E3341.80542
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z44.400 E3345.11813
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z44.450 E3348.43084
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z44.500 E3351.74355
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z44.550 E3355.05625
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z44.600 E3358.36896
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z44.650 E3361.68167
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z44.700 E3364.99438
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z44.750 E3368.30709
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z44.800 E3371.61980
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z44.850 E3374.93251
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z44.900 E3378.24522
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z44.950 E3381.55793
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z45.000 E3384.87064
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z45.050 E3388.18335
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z45.100 E3391.49606
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z45.150 E3394.80877
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z45.200 E3398.12148
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z45.250 E3401.43419
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z45.300 E3404.74690
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z45.350 E3408.05961
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z45.400 E3411.37232
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z45.450 E3414.68502
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z45.500 E3417.99773
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z45.550 E3421.31044
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z45.600 E3424.62315
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z45.650 E3427.93586
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z45.700 E3431.24857
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z45.750 E3434.56128
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z45.800 E3437.87399
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z45.850 E3441.18670
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z45.900 E3444.49941
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z45.950 E3447.81212
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z46.000 E3451.12483
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z46.050 E3454.43754
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z46.100 E3457.75025
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z46.150 E3461.06296
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z46.200 E3464.37567
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z46.250 E3467.68838
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z46.300 E3471.00109
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z46.350 E3474.31379
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z46.400 E3477.62650
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z46.450 E3480.93921
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z46.500 E3484.25192
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z46.550 E3487.56463
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z46.600 E3490.87734
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z46.650 E3494.19005
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z46.700 E3497.50276
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z46.750 E3500.81547
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z46.800 E3504.12818
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z46.850 E3507.44089
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z46.900 E3510.75360
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z46.950 E3514.06631
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z47.000 E3517.37902
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z47.050 E3520.69173
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z47.100 E3524.00444
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z47.150 E3527.31715
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z47.200 E3530.62986
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z47.250 E3533.94256
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z47.300 E3537.25527
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z47.350 E3540.56798
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z47.400 E3543.88069
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z47.450 E3547.19340
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z47.500 E3550.50611
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z47.550 E3553.81882
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z47.600 E3557.13153
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z47.650 E3560.44424
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z47.700 E3563.75695
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z47.750 E3567.06966
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z47.800 E3570.38237
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z47.850 E3573.69508
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z47.900 E3577.00779
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z47.950 E3580.32050
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z48.000 E3583.63321
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z48.050 E3586.94592
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z48.100 E3590.25863
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z48.150 E3593.57133
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z48.200 E3596.88404
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z48.250 E3600.19675
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z48.300 E3603.50946
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z48.350 E3606.82217
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z48.400 E3610.13488
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z48.450 E3613.44759
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z48.500 E3616.76030
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z48.550 E3620.07301
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z48.600 E3623.38572
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z48.650 E3626.69843
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z48.700 E3630.01114
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z48.750 E3633.32385
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z48.800 E3636.63656
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z48.850 E3639.94927
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z48.900 E3643.26198
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z48.950 E3646.57469
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z49.000 E3649.88740
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z49.050 E3653.20011
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z49.100 E3656.51281
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z49.150 E3659.82552
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z49.200 E3663.13823
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z49.250 E3666.45094
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z49.300 E3669.76365
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z49.350 E3673.07636
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z49.400 E3676.38907
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z49.450 E3679.70178
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z49.500 E3683.01449
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z49.550 E3686.32720
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z49.600 E3689.63991
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z49.650 E3692.95262
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z49.700 E3696.26533
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z49.750 E3699.57804
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z49.800 E3702.89075
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z49.850 E3706.20346
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z49.900 E3709.51617
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z49.950 E3712.82888
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z50.000 E3716.14158
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z50.050 E3719.45429
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z50.100 E3722.76700
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z50.150 E3726.07971
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z50.200 E3729.39242
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z50.250 E3732.70513
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z50.300 E3736.01784
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z50.350 E3739.33055
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z50.400 E3742.64326
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z50.450 E3745.95597
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z50.500 E3749.26868
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z50.550 E3752.58139
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z50.600 E3755.89410
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z50.650 E3759.20681
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z50.700 E3762.51952
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z50.750 E3765.83223
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z50.800 E3769.14494
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z50.850 E3772.45765
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z50.900 E3775.77035
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z50.950 E3779.08306
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z51.000 E3782.39577
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z51.050 E3785.70848
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z51.100 E3789.02119
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z51.150 E3792.33390
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z51.200 E3795.64661
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z51.250 E3798.95932
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z51.300 E3802.27203
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z51.350 E3805.58474
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z51.400 E3808.89745
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z51.450 E3812.21016
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z51.500 E3815.52287
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z51.550 E3818.83558
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z51.600 E3822.14829
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z51.650 E3825.46100
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z51.700 E3828.77371
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z51.750 E3832.08642
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z51.800 E3835.39912
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z51.850 E3838.71183
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z51.900 E3842.02454
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z51.950 E3845.33725
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z52.000 E3848.64996
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z52.050 E3851.96267
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z52.100 E3855.27538
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z52.150 E3858.58809
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z52.200 E3861.90080
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z52.250 E3865.21351
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z52.300 E3868.52622
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z52.350 E3871.83893
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z52.400 E3875.15164
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z52.450 E3878.46435
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z52.500 E3881.77706
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z52.550 E3885.08977
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z52.600 E3888.40248
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z52.650 E3891.71519
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z52.700 E3895.02789
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z52.750 E3898.34060
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z52.800 E3901.65331
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z52.850 E3904.96602
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z52.900 E3908.27873
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z52.950 E3911.59144
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z53.000 E3914.90415
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z53.050 E3918.21686
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z53.100 E3921.52957
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z53.150 E3924.84228
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z53.200 E3928.15499
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z53.250 E3931.46770
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z53.300 E3934.78041
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z53.350 E3938.09312
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z53.400 E3941.40583
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z53.450 E3944.71854
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z53.500 E3948.03125
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z53.550 E3951.34396
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z53.600 E3954.65667
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z53.650 E3957.96937
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z53.700 E3961.28208
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z53.750 E3964.59479
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z53.800 E3967.90750
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z53.850 E3971.22021
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z53.900 E3974.53292
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z53.950 E3977.84563
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z54.000 E3981.15834
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z54.050 E3984.47105
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z54.100 E3987.78376
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z54.150 E3991.09647
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z54.200 E3994.40918
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z54.250 E3997.72189
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z54.300 E4001.03460
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z54.350 E4004.34731
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z54.400 E4007.66002
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z54.450 E4010.97273
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z54.500 E4014.28544
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z54.550 E4017.59814
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z54.600 E4020.91085
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z54.650 E4024.22356
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z54.700 E4027.53627
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z54.750 E4030.84898
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z54.800 E4034.16169
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z54.850 E4037.47440
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z54.900 E4040.78711
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z54.950 E4044.09982
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z55.000 E4047.41253
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z55.050 E4050.72524
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z55.100 E4054.03795
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z55.150 E4057.35066
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z55.200 E4060.66337
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z55.250 E4063.97608
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z55.300 E4067.28879
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z55.350 E4070.60150
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z55.400 E4073.91421
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z55.450 E4077.22691
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z55.500 E4080.53962
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z55.550 E4083.85233
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z55.600 E4087.16504
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z55.650 E4090.47775
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z55.700 E4093.79046
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z55.750 E4097.10317
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z55.800 E4100.41588
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z55.850 E4103.72859
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z55.900 E4107.04130
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z55.950 E4110.35401
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z56.000 E4113.66672
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z56.050 E4116.97943
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z56.100 E4120.29214
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z56.150 E4123.60485
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z56.200 E4126.91756
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z56.250 E4130.23027
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z56.300 E4133.54298
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z56.350 E4136.85568
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z56.400 E4140.16839
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z56.450 E4143.48110
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z56.500 E4146.79381
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z56.550 E4150.10652
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z56.600 E4153.41923
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z56.650 E4156.73194
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z56.700 E4160.04465
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z56.750 E4163.35736
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z56.800 E4166.67007
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z56.850 E4169.98278
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z56.900 E4173.29549
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z56.950 E4176.60820
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z57.000 E4179.92091
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z57.050 E4183.23362
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z57.100 E4186.54633
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z57.150 E4189.85904
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z57.200 E4193.17175
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z57.250 E4196.48445
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z57.300 E4199.79716
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z57.350 E4203.10987
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z57.400 E4206.42258
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z57.450 E4209.73529
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z57.500 E4213.04800
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z57.550 E4216.36071
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z57.600 E4219.67342
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z57.650 E4222.98613
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z57.700 E4226.29884
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z57.750 E4229.61155
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z57.800 E4232.92426
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z57.850 E4236.23697
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z57.900 E4239.54968
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z57.950 E4242.86239
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z58.000 E4246.17510
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z58.050 E4249.48781
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z58.100 E4252.80052
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z58.150 E4256.11323
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z58.200 E4259.42593
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z58.250 E4262.73864
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z58.300 E4266.05135
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z58.350 E4269.36406
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z58.400 E4272.67677
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z58.450 E4275.98948
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z58.500 E4279.30219
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z58.550 E4282.61490
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z58.600 E4285.92761
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z58.650 E4289.24032
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z58.700 E4292.55303
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z58.750 E4295.86574
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z58.800 E4299.17845
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z58.850 E4302.49116
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z58.900 E4305.80387
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z58.950 E4309.11658
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z59.000 E4312.42929
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z59.050 E4315.74200
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z59.100 E4319.05470
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z59.150 E4322.36741
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z59.200 E4325.68012
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z59.250 E4328.99283
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z59.300 E4332.30554
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z59.350 E4335.61825
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z59.400 E4338.93096
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z59.450 E4342.24367
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z59.500 E4345.55638
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z59.550 E4348.86909
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z59.600 E4352.18180
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z59.650 E4355.49451
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z59.700 E4358.80722
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z59.750 E4362.11993
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z59.800 E4365.43264
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z59.850 E4368.74535
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z59.900 E4372.05806
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z59.950 E4375.37077
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z60.000 E4378.68347
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z60.050 E4381.99618
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z60.100 E4385.30889
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z60.150 E4388.62160
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z60.200 E4391.93431
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z60.250 E4395.24702
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z60.300 E4398.55973
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z60.350 E4401.87244
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z60.400 E4405.18515
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z60.450 E4408.49786
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z60.500 E4411.81057
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z60.550 E4415.12328
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z60.600 E4418.43599
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z60.650 E4421.74870
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z60.700 E4425.06141
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z60.750 E4428.37412
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z60.800 E4431.68683
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z60.850 E4434.99954
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z60.900 E4438.31224
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z60.950 E4441.62495
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z61.000 E4444.93766
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z61.050 E4448.25037
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z61.100 E4451.56308
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z61.150 E4454.87579
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z61.200 E4458.18850
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z61.250 E4461.50121
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z61.300 E4464.81392
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z61.350 E4468.12663
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z61.400 E4471.43934
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z61.450 E4474.75205
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z61.500 E4478.06476
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z61.550 E4481.37747
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z61.600 E4484.69018
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z61.650 E4488.00289
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z61.700 E4491.31560
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z61.750 E4494.62831
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z61.800 E4497.94101
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z61.850 E4501.25372
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z61.900 E4504.56643
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z61.950 E4507.87914
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z62.000 E4511.19185
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z62.050 E4514.50456
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z62.100 E4517.81727
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z62.150 E4521.12998
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z62.200 E4524.44269
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z62.250 E4527.75540
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z62.300 E4531.06811
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z62.350 E4534.38082
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z62.400 E4537.69353
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z62.450 E4541.00624
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z62.500 E4544.31895
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z62.550 E4547.63166
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z62.600 E4550.94437
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z62.650 E4554.25708
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z62.700 E4557.56979
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z62.750 E4560.88249
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z62.800 E4564.19520
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z62.850 E4567.50791
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z62.900 E4570.82062
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z62.950 E4574.13333
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z63.000 E4577.44604
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z63.050 E4580.75875
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z63.100 E4584.07146
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z63.150 E4587.38417
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z63.200 E4590.69688
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z63.250 E4594.00959
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z63.300 E4597.32230
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z63.350 E4600.63501
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z63.400 E4603.94772
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z63.450 E4607.26043
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z63.500 E4610.57314
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z63.550 E4613.88585
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z63.600 E4617.19856
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z63.650 E4620.51126
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z63.700 E4623.82397
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z63.750 E4627.13668
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z63.800 E4630.44939
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z63.850 E4633.76210
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z63.900 E4637.07481
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z63.950 E4640.38752
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z64.000 E4643.70023
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z64.050 E4647.01294
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z64.100 E4650.32565
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z64.150 E4653.63836
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z64.200 E4656.95107
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z64.250 E4660.26378
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z64.300 E4663.57649
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z64.350 E4666.88920
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z64.400 E4670.20191
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z64.450 E4673.51462
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z64.500 E4676.82733
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z64.550 E4680.14003
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z64.600 E4683.45274
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z64.650 E4686.76545
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z64.700 E4690.07816
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z64.750 E4693.39087
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z64.800 E4696.70358
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z64.850 E4700.01629
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z64.900 E4703.32900
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z64.950 E4706.64171
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z65.000 E4709.95442
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z65.050 E4713.26713
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z65.100 E4716.57984
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z65.150 E4719.89255
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z65.200 E4723.20526
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z65.250 E4726.51797
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z65.300 E4729.83068
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z65.350 E4733.14339
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z65.400 E4736.45610
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z65.450 E4739.76880
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z65.500 E4743.08151
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z65.550 E4746.39422
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z65.600 E4749.70693
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z65.650 E4753.01964
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z65.700 E4756.33235
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z65.750 E4759.64506
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z65.800 E4762.95777
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z65.850 E4766.27048
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z65.900 E4769.58319
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z65.950 E4772.89590
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z66.000 E4776.20861
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z66.050 E4779.52132
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z66.100 E4782.83403
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z66.150 E4786.14674
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z66.200 E4789.45945
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z66.250 E4792.77216
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z66.300 E4796.08487
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z66.350 E4799.39757
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z66.400 E4802.71028
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z66.450 E4806.02299
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z66.500 E4809.33570
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z66.550 E4812.64841
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z66.600 E4815.96112
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z66.650 E4819.27383
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z66.700 E4822.58654
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z66.750 E4825.89925
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z66.800 E4829.21196
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z66.850 E4832.52467
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z66.900 E4835.83738
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z66.950 E4839.15009
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z67.000 E4842.46280
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z67.050 E4845.77551
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z67.100 E4849.08822
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z67.150 E4852.40093
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z67.200 E4855.71364
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z67.250 E4859.02635
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z67.300 E4862.33905
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z67.350 E4865.65176
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z67.400 E4868.96447
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z67.450 E4872.27718
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z67.500 E4875.58989
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z67.550 E4878.90260
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z67.600 E4882.21531
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z67.650 E4885.52802
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z67.700 E4888.84073
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z67.750 E4892.15344
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z67.800 E4895.46615
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z67.850 E4898.77886
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z67.900 E4902.09157
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z67.950 E4905.40428
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z68.000 E4908.71699
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z68.050 E4912.02970
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z68.100 E4915.34241
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z68.150 E4918.65512
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z68.200 E4921.96782
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z68.250 E4925.28053
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z68.300 E4928.59324
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z68.350 E4931.90595
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z68.400 E4935.21866
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z68.450 E4938.53137
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z68.500 E4941.84408
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z68.550 E4945.15679
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z68.600 E4948.46950
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z68.650 E4951.78221
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z68.700 E4955.09492
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z68.750 E4958.40763
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z68.800 E4961.72034
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z68.850 E4965.03305
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z68.900 E4968.34576
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z68.950 E4971.65847
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z69.000 E4974.97118
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z69.050 E4978.28389
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z69.100 E4981.59659
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z69.150 E4984.90930
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z69.200 E4988.22201
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z69.250 E4991.53472
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z69.300 E4994.84743
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z69.350 E4998.16014
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z69.400 E5001.47285
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z69.450 E5004.78556
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z69.500 E5008.09827
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z69.550 E5011.41098
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z69.600 E5014.72369
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z69.650 E5018.03640
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z69.700 E5021.34911
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z69.750 E5024.66182
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z69.800 E5027.97453
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z69.850 E5031.28724
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z69.900 E5034.59995
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z69.950 E5037.91266
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z70.000 E5041.22536
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z70.050 E5044.53807
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z70.100 E5047.85078
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z70.150 E5051.16349
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z70.200 E5054.47620
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z70.250 E5057.78891
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z70.300 E5061.10162
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z70.350 E5064.41433
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z70.400 E5067.72704
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z70.450 E5071.03975
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z70.500 E5074.35246
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z70.550 E5077.66517
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z70.600 E5080.97788
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z70.650 E5084.29059
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z70.700 E5087.60330
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z70.750 E5090.91601
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z70.800 E5094.22872
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z70.850 E5097.54143
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z70.900 E5100.85414
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z70.950 E5104.16684
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z71.000 E5107.47955
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z71.050 E5110.79226
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z71.100 E5114.10497
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z71.150 E5117.41768
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z71.200 E5120.73039
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z71.250 E5124.04310
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z71.300 E5127.35581
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z71.350 E5130.66852
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z71.400 E5133.98123
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z71.450 E5137.29394
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z71.500 E5140.60665
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z71.550 E5143.91936
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z71.600 E5147.23207
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z71.650 E5150.54478
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z71.700 E5153.85749
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z71.750 E5157.17020
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z71.800 E5160.48291
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z71.850 E5163.79561
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z71.900 E5167.10832
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z71.950 E5170.42103
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z72.000 E5173.73374
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z72.050 E5177.04645
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z72.100 E5180.35916
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z72.150 E5183.67187
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z72.200 E5186.98458
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z72.250 E5190.29729
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z72.300 E5193.61000
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z72.350 E5196.92271
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z72.400 E5200.23542
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z72.450 E5203.54813
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z72.500 E5206.86084
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z72.550 E5210.17355
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z72.600 E5213.48626
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z72.650 E5216.79897
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z72.700 E5220.11168
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z72.750 E5223.42438
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z72.800 E5226.73709
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z72.850 E5230.04980
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z72.900 E5233.36251
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z72.950 E5236.67522
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z73.000 E5239.98793
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z73.050 E5243.30064
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z73.100 E5246.61335
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z73.150 E5249.92606
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z73.200 E5253.23877
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z73.250 E5256.55148
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z73.300 E5259.86419
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z73.350 E5263.17690
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z73.400 E5266.48961
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z73.450 E5269.80232
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z73.500 E5273.11503
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z73.550 E5276.42774
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z73.600 E5279.74045
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z73.650 E5283.05315
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z73.700 E5286.36586
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z73.750 E5289.67857
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z73.800 E5292.99128
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z73.850 E5296.30399
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z73.900 E5299.61670
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z73.950 E5302.92941
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z74.000 E5306.24212
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z74.050 E5309.55483
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z74.100 E5312.86754
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z74.150 E5316.18025
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z74.200 E5319.49296
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z74.250 E5322.80567
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z74.300 E5326.11838
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z74.350 E5329.43109
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z74.400 E5332.74380
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z74.450 E5336.05651
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z74.500 E5339.36922
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z74.550 E5342.68192
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z74.600 E5345.99463
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z74.650 E5349.30734
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z74.700 E5352.62005
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z74.750 E5355.93276
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z74.800 E5359.24547
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z74.850 E5362.55818
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z74.900 E5365.87089
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z74.950 E5369.18360
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z75.000 E5372.49631
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z75.050 E5375.80902
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z75.100 E5379.12173
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z75.150 E5382.43444
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z75.200 E5385.74715
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z75.250 E5389.05986
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z75.300 E5392.37257
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z75.350 E5395.68528
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z75.400 E5398.99799
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z75.450 E5402.31070
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z75.500 E5405.62340
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z75.550 E5408.93611
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z75.600 E5412.24882
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z75.650 E5415.56153
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z75.700 E5418.87424
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z75.750 E5422.18695
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z75.800 E5425.49966
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z75.850 E5428.81237
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z75.900 E5432.12508
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z75.950 E5435.43779
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z76.000 E5438.75050
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z76.050 E5442.06321
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z76.100 E5445.37592
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z76.150 E5448.68863
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z76.200 E5452.00134
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z76.250 E5455.31405
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z76.300 E5458.62676
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z76.350 E5461.93947
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z76.400 E5465.25217
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z76.450 E5468.56488
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z76.500 E5471.87759
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z76.550 E5475.19030
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z76.600 E5478.50301
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z76.650 E5481.81572
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z76.700 E5485.12843
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z76.750 E5488.44114
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z76.800 E5491.75385
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z76.850 E5495.06656
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z76.900 E5498.37927
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z76.950 E5501.69198
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z77.000 E5505.00469
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z77.050 E5508.31740
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z77.100 E5511.63011
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z77.150 E5514.94282
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z77.200 E5518.25553
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z77.250 E5521.56824
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z77.300 E5524.88094
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z77.350 E5528.19365
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z77.400 E5531.50636
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z77.450 E5534.81907
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z77.500 E5538.13178
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z77.550 E5541.44449
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z77.600 E5544.75720
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z77.650 E5548.06991
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z77.700 E5551.38262
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z77.750 E5554.69533
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z77.800 E5558.00804
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z77.850 E5561.32075
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z77.900 E5564.63346
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z77.950 E5567.94617
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z78.000 E5571.25888
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z78.050 E5574.57159
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z78.100 E5577.88430
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z78.150 E5581.19701
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z78.200 E5584.50971
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z78.250 E5587.82242
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z78.300 E5591.13513
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z78.350 E5594.44784
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z78.400 E5597.76055
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z78.450 E5601.07326
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z78.500 E5604.38597
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z78.550 E5607.69868
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z78.600 E5611.01139
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z78.650 E5614.32410
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z78.700 E5617.63681
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z78.750 E5620.94952
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z78.800 E5624.26223
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z78.850 E5627.57494
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z78.900 E5630.88765
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z78.950 E5634.20036
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z79.000 E5637.51307
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z79.050 E5640.82578
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z79.100 E5644.13848
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z79.150 E5647.45119
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z79.200 E5650.76390
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z79.250 E5654.07661
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z79.300 E5657.38932
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z79.350 E5660.70203
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z79.400 E5664.01474
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z79.450 E5667.32745
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z79.500 E5670.64016
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z79.550 E5673.95287
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z79.600 E5677.26558
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z79.650 E5680.57829
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z79.700 E5683.89100
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z79.750 E5687.20371
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z79.800 E5690.51642
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z79.850 E5693.82913
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z79.900 E5697.14184
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z79.950 E5700.45455
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z80.000 E5703.76726
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z80.050 E5707.07996
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z80.100 E5710.39267
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z80.150 E5713.70538
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z80.200 E5717.01809
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z80.250 E5720.33080
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z80.300 E5723.64351
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z80.350 E5726.95622
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z80.400 E5730.26893
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z80.450 E5733.58164
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z80.500 E5736.89435
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z80.550 E5740.20706
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z80.600 E5743.51977
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z80.650 E5746.83248
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z80.700 E5750.14519
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z80.750 E5753.45790
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z80.800 E5756.77061
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z80.850 E5760.08332
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z80.900 E5763.39603
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z80.950 E5766.70873
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z81.000 E5770.02144
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z81.050 E5773.33415
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z81.100 E5776.64686
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z81.150 E5779.95957
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z81.200 E5783.27228
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z81.250 E5786.58499
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z81.300 E5789.89770
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z81.350 E5793.21041
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z81.400 E5796.52312
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z81.450 E5799.83583
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z81.500 E5803.14854
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z81.550 E5806.46125
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z81.600 E5809.77396
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z81.650 E5813.08667
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z81.700 E5816.39938
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z81.750 E5819.71209
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z81.800 E5823.02480
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z81.850 E5826.33750
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z81.900 E5829.65021
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z81.950 E5832.96292
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z82.000 E5836.27563
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z82.050 E5839.58834
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z82.100 E5842.90105
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z82.150 E5846.21376
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z82.200 E5849.52647
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z82.250 E5852.83918
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z82.300 E5856.15189
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z82.350 E5859.46460
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z82.400 E5862.77731
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z82.450 E5866.09002
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z82.500 E5869.40273
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z82.550 E5872.71544
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z82.600 E5876.02815
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z82.650 E5879.34086
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z82.700 E5882.65357
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z82.750 E5885.96627
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z82.800 E5889.27898
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z82.850 E5892.59169
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z82.900 E5895.90440
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z82.950 E5899.21711
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z83.000 E5902.52982
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z83.050 E5905.84253
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z83.100 E5909.15524
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z83.150 E5912.46795
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z83.200 E5915.78066
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z83.250 E5919.09337
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z83.300 E5922.40608
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z83.350 E5925.71879
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z83.400 E5929.03150
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z83.450 E5932.34421
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z83.500 E5935.65692
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z83.550 E5938.96963
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z83.600 E5942.28234
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z83.650 E5945.59504
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z83.700 E5948.90775
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z83.750 E5952.22046
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z83.800 E5955.53317
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z83.850 E5958.84588
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z83.900 E5962.15859
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z83.950 E5965.47130
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z84.000 E5968.78401
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z84.050 E5972.09672
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z84.100 E5975.40943
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z84.150 E5978.72214
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z84.200 E5982.03485
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z84.250 E5985.34756
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z84.300 E5988.66027
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z84.350 E5991.97298
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z84.400 E5995.28569
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z84.450 E5998.59840
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z84.500 E6001.91111
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z84.550 E6005.22382
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z84.600 E6008.53652
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z84.650 E6011.84923
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z84.700 E6015.16194
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z84.750 E6018.47465
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z84.800 E6021.78736
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z84.850 E6025.10007
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z84.900 E6028.41278
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z84.950 E6031.72549
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z85.000 E6035.03820
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z85.050 E6038.35091
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z85.100 E6041.66362
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z85.150 E6044.97633
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z85.200 E6048.28904
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z85.250 E6051.60175
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z85.300 E6054.91446
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z85.350 E6058.22717
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z85.400 E6061.53988
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z85.450 E6064.85259
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z85.500 E6068.16529
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z85.550 E6071.47800
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z85.600 E6074.79071
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z85.650 E6078.10342
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z85.700 E6081.41613
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z85.750 E6084.72884
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z85.800 E6088.04155
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z85.850 E6091.35426
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z85.900 E6094.66697
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z85.950 E6097.97968
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z86.000 E6101.29239
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z86.050 E6104.60510
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z86.100 E6107.91781
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z86.150 E6111.23052
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z86.200 E6114.54323
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z86.250 E6117.85594
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z86.300 E6121.16865
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z86.350 E6124.48136
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z86.400 E6127.79406
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z86.450 E6131.10677
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z86.500 E6134.41948
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z86.550 E6137.73219
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z86.600 E6141.04490
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z86.650 E6144.35761
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z86.700 E6147.67032
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z86.750 E6150.98303
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z86.800 E6154.29574
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z86.850 E6157.60845
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z86.900 E6160.92116
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z86.950 E6164.23387
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z87.000 E6167.54658
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z87.050 E6170.85929
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z87.100 E6174.17200
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z87.150 E6177.48471
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z87.200 E6180.79742
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z87.250 E6184.11013
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z87.300 E6187.42283
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z87.350 E6190.73554
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z87.400 E6194.04825
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z87.450 E6197.36096
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z87.500 E6200.67367
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z87.550 E6203.98638
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z87.600 E6207.29909
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z87.650 E6210.61180
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z87.700 E6213.92451
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z87.750 E6217.23722
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z87.800 E6220.54993
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z87.850 E6223.86264
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z87.900 E6227.17535
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z87.950 E6230.48806
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z88.000 E6233.80077
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z88.050 E6237.11348
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z88.100 E6240.42619
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z88.150 E6243.73890
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z88.200 E6247.05160
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z88.250 E6250.36431
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z88.300 E6253.67702
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z88.350 E6256.98973
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z88.400 E6260.30244
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z88.450 E6263.61515
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z88.500 E6266.92786
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z88.550 E6270.24057
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z88.600 E6273.55328
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z88.650 E6276.86599
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z88.700 E6280.17870
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z88.750 E6283.49141
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z88.800 E6286.80412
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z88.850 E6290.11683
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z88.900 E6293.42954
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z88.950 E6296.74225
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z89.000 E6300.05496
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z89.050 E6303.36767
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z89.100 E6306.68038
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z89.150 E6309.99308
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z89.200 E6313.30579
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z89.250 E6316.61850
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z89.300 E6319.93121
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z89.350 E6323.24392
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z89.400 E6326.55663
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z89.450 E6329.86934
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z89.500 E6333.18205
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z89.550 E6336.49476
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z89.600 E6339.80747
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z89.650 E6343.12018
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z89.700 E6346.43289
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z89.750 E6349.74560
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z89.800 E6353.05831
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z89.850 E6356.37102
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z89.900 E6359.68373
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z89.950 E6362.99644
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z90.000 E6366.30915
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z90.050 E6369.62185
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z90.100 E6372.93456
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z90.150 E6376.24727
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z90.200 E6379.55998
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z90.250 E6382.87269
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z90.300 E6386.18540
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z90.350 E6389.49811
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z90.400 E6392.81082
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z90.450 E6396.12353
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z90.500 E6399.43624
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z90.550 E6402.74895
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z90.600 E6406.06166
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z90.650 E6409.37437
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z90.700 E6412.68708
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z90.750 E6415.99979
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z90.800 E6419.31250
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z90.850 E6422.62521
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z90.900 E6425.93792
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z90.950 E6429.25062
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z91.000 E6432.56333
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z91.050 E6435.87604
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z91.100 E6439.18875
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z91.150 E6442.50146
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z91.200 E6445.81417
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z91.250 E6449.12688
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z91.300 E6452.43959
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z91.350 E6455.75230
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z91.400 E6459.06501
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z91.450 E6462.37772
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z91.500 E6465.69043
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z91.550 E6469.00314
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z91.600 E6472.31585
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z91.650 E6475.62856
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z91.700 E6478.94127
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z91.750 E6482.25398
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z91.800 E6485.56669
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z91.850 E6488.87939
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z91.900 E6492.19210
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z91.950 E6495.50481
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z92.000 E6498.81752
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z92.050 E6502.13023
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z92.100 E6505.44294
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z92.150 E6508.75565
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z92.200 E6512.06836
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z92.250 E6515.38107
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z92.300 E6518.69378
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z92.350 E6522.00649
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z92.400 E6525.31920
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z92.450 E6528.63191
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z92.500 E6531.94462
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z92.550 E6535.25733
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z92.600 E6538.57004
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z92.650 E6541.88275
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z92.700 E6545.19546
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z92.750 E6548.50816
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z92.800 E6551.82087
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z92.850 E6555.13358
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z92.900 E6558.44629
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z92.950 E6561.75900
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z93.000 E6565.07171
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z93.050 E6568.38442
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z93.100 E6571.69713
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z93.150 E6575.00984
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z93.200 E6578.32255
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z93.250 E6581.63526
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z93.300 E6584.94797
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z93.350 E6588.26068
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z93.400 E6591.57339
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z93.450 E6594.88610
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z93.500 E6598.19881
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z93.550 E6601.51152
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z93.600 E6604.82423
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z93.650 E6608.13694
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z93.700 E6611.44964
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z93.750 E6614.76235
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z93.800 E6618.07506
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z93.850 E6621.38777
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z93.900 E6624.70048
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z93.950 E6628.01319
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z94.000 E6631.32590
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z94.050 E6634.63861
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z94.100 E6637.95132
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z94.150 E6641.26403
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z94.200 E6644.57674
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z94.250 E6647.88945
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z94.300 E6651.20216
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z94.350 E6654.51487
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z94.400 E6657.82758
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z94.450 E6661.14029
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z94.500 E6664.45300
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z94.550 E6667.76571
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z94.600 E6671.07841
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z94.650 E6674.39112
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z94.700 E6677.70383
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z94.750 E6681.01654
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z94.800 E6684.32925
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z94.850 E6687.64196
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z94.900 E6690.95467
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z94.950 E6694.26738
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z95.000 E6697.58009
G1 X199.800 Y100.200 Z95.050 E6700.89280
G1 X199.800 Y199.800 Z95.100 E6704.20551
G1 X100.200 Y199.800 Z95.150 E6707.51822
G1 X100.200 Y100.200 Z95.200 E6710.83093
G0 F9000 X100.300 Y100.300
G1 F4680 X199.700 Y100.300 Z95.250 E6714.13699
G1 X199.700 Y199.700 Z95.300 E6717.44304
G1 X100.300 Y199.700 Z95.350 E6720.74910
G1 X100.300 Y100.300 Z95.400 E6724.05516
G0 F9000 X100.500 Y100.500
G1 F4680 X199.500 Y100.500 Z95.450 E6727.34791
G1 X199.500 Y199.500 Z95.500 E6730.64066
G1 X100.500 Y199.500 Z95.550 E6733.93342
G1 X100.500 Y100.500 Z95.600 E6737.22617
G0 F9000 X100.700 Y100.700
G1 F4620 X199.300 Y100.700 Z95.650 E6740.50562
G1 X199.300 Y199.300 Z95.700 E6743.78507
G1 X100.700 Y199.300 Z95.750 E6747.06452
G1 X100.700 Y100.700 Z95.800 E6750.34397
G0 F9000 X100.900 Y100.900
G1 F4620 X199.100 Y100.900 Z95.850 E6753.61011
G1 X199.100 Y199.100 Z95.900 E6756.87626
G1 X100.900 Y199.100 Z95.950 E6760.14240
G1 X100.900 Y100.900 Z96.000 E6763.40855
G0 F9000 X101.100 Y101.100
G1 F4620 X198.900 Y101.100 Z96.050 E6766.66139
G1 X198.900 Y198.900 Z96.100 E6769.91423
G1 X101.100 Y198.900 Z96.150 E6773.16707
G1 X101.100 Y101.100 Z96.200 E6776.41991
G0 F9000 X101.300 Y101.300
G1 F4620 X198.700 Y101.300 Z96.250 E6779.65945
G1 X198.700 Y198.700 Z96.300 E6782.89899
G1 X101.300 Y198.700 Z96.350 E6786.13853
G1 X101.300 Y101.300 Z96.400 E6789.37806
G0 F9000 X101.500 Y101.500
G1 F4620 X198.500 Y101.500 Z96.450 E6792.60430
G1 X198.500 Y198.500 Z96.500 E6795.83053
G1 X101.500 Y198.500 Z96.550 E6799.05676
G1 X101.500 Y101.500 Z96.600 E6802.28300
G0 F9000 X101.700 Y101.700
G1 F4500 X198.300 Y101.700 Z96.650 E6805.49592
G1 X198.300 Y198.300 Z96.700 E6808.70885
G1 X101.700 Y198.300 Z96.750 E6811.92178
G1 X101.700 Y101.700 Z96.800 E6815.13471
G0 F9000 X101.900 Y101.900
G1 F4500 X198.100 Y101.900 Z96.850 E6818.33434
G1 X198.100 Y198.100 Z96.900 E6821.53396
G1 X101.900 Y198.100 Z96.950 E6824.73359
G1 X101.900 Y101.900 Z97.000 E6827.93321
G0 F9000 X102.100 Y102.100
G1 F4500 X197.900 Y102.100 Z97.050 E6831.11953
G1 X197.900 Y197.900 Z97.100 E6834.30585
G1 X102.100 Y197.900 Z97.150 E6837.49217
G1 X102.100 Y102.100 Z97.200 E6840.67850
G0 F9000 X102.300 Y102.300
G1 F4500 X197.700 Y102.300 Z97.250 E6843.85151
G1 X197.700 Y197.700 Z97.300 E6847.02453
G1 X102.300 Y197.700 Z97.350 E6850.19755
G1 X102.300 Y102.300 Z97.400 E6853.37056
G0 F9000 X102.500 Y102.500
G1 F4500 X197.500 Y102.500 Z97.450 E6856.53028
G1 X197.500 Y197.500 Z97.500 E6859.68999
G1 X102.500 Y197.500 Z97.550 E6862.84970
G1 X102.500 Y102.500 Z97.600 E6866.00941
G0 F9000 X102.700 Y102.700
G1 F4440 X197.300 Y102.700 Z97.650 E6869.15582
G1 X197.300 Y197.300 Z97.700 E6872.30223
G1 X102.700 Y197.300 Z97.750 E6875.44864
G1 X102.700 Y102.700 Z97.800 E6878.59505
G0 F9000 X102.900 Y102.900
G1 F4440 X197.100 Y102.900 Z97.850 E6881.72815
G1 X197.100 Y197.100 Z97.900 E6884.86126
G1 X102.900 Y197.100 Z97.950 E6887.99436
G1 X102.900 Y102.900 Z98.000 E6891.12747
G0 F9000 X103.100 Y103.100
G1 F4440 X196.900 Y103.100 Z98.050 E6894.24727
G1 X196.900 Y196.900 Z98.100 E6897.36707
G1 X103.100 Y196.900 Z98.150 E6900.48687
G1 X103.100 Y103.100 Z98.200 E6903.60667
G0 F9000 X103.300 Y103.300
G1 F4440 X196.700 Y103.300 Z98.250 E6906.71317
G1 X196.700 Y196.700 Z98.300 E6909.81966
G1 X103.300 Y196.700 Z98.350 E6912.92616
G1 X103.300 Y103.300 Z98.400 E6916.03266
G0 F9000 X103.500 Y103.500
G1 F4380 X196.500 Y103.500 Z98.450 E6919.12585
G1 X196.500 Y196.500 Z98.500 E6922.21904
G1 X103.500 Y196.500 Z98.550 E6925.31223
G1 X103.500 Y103.500 Z98.600 E6928.40543
G0 F9000 X103.700 Y103.700
G1 F4380 X196.300 Y103.700 Z98.650 E6931.48532
G1 X196.300 Y196.300 Z98.700 E6934.56520
G1 X103.700 Y196.300 Z98.750 E6937.64509
G1 X103.700 Y103.700 Z98.800 E6940.72498
G0 F9000 X103.900 Y103.900
G1 F4380 X196.100 Y103.900 Z98.850 E6943.79157
G1 X196.100 Y196.100 Z98.900 E6946.85815
G1 X103.900 Y196.100 Z98.950 E6949.92473
G1 X103.900 Y103.900 Z99.000 E6952.99132
G0 F9000 X104.100 Y104.100
G1 F4380 X195.900 Y104.100 Z99.050 E6956.04460
G1 X195.900 Y195.900 Z99.100 E6959.09788
G1 X104.100 Y195.900 Z99.150 E6962.15116
G1 X104.100 Y104.100 Z99.200 E6965.20444
G0 F9000 X104.300 Y104.300
G1 F4380 X195.700 Y104.300 Z99.250 E6968.24442
G1 X195.700 Y195.700 Z99.300 E6971.28439
G1 X104.300 Y195.700 Z99.350 E6974.32437
G1 X104.300 Y104.300 Z99.400 E6977.36435
G0 F9000 X104.500 Y104.500
G1 F4260 X195.500 Y104.500 Z99.450 E6980.39102
G1 X195.500 Y195.500 Z99.500 E6983.41769
G1 X104.500 Y195.500 Z99.550 E6986.44436
G1 X104.500 Y104.500 Z99.600 E6989.47104
G0 F9000 X104.700 Y104.700
G1 F4260 X195.300 Y104.700 Z99.650 E6992.48440
G1 X195.300 Y195.300 Z99.700 E6995.49777
G1 X104.700 Y195.300 Z99.750 E6998.51114
G1 X104.700 Y104.700 Z99.800 E7001.52451
G0 F9000 X104.900 Y104.900
G1 F4260 X195.100 Y104.900 Z99.850 E7004.52457
G1 X195.100 Y195.100 Z99.900 E7007.52464
G1 X104.900 Y195.100 Z99.950 E7010.52470
G1 X104.900 Y104.900 Z100.000 E7013.52477
G0 F9000 X105.100 Y105.100
G1 F4260 X194.900 Y105.100 Z100.050 E7016.51153
G1 X194.900 Y194.900 Z100.100 E7019.49829
G1 X105.100 Y194.900 Z100.150 E7022.48505
G1 X105.100 Y105.100 Z100.200 E7025.47181
G1 F600 E7024.97181
G1 Z100.300
G0 F9000 X105.100 Y105.100 Z105.000
; Default end code
;G1 X0 Y0 Z130 ; Get extruder out of way. Uncomment to use!
M107 ; Turn off fan
; Disable all extruder
G91 ; Relative positioning
G1 E-1 ; Reduce filament pressure
M104 T0 S0
G90 ; Absolute positioning
G92 E0 ; Reset extruder position
M140 S0 ; Disable heated bed
M84 ; Turn steppers off

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Condividi su altri siti effetti se vado con slic3r mi sembra fedele


questo è un pezzo di codice...notare il cambiamento "F"

G1 X148.687 Y148.792 E526.17350
G1 X149.264 Y149.264 F9000.000
G1 X150.736 Y149.264 E526.21336 F1050.000
G1 X150.736 Y150.736 E526.25323
G1 X149.264 Y150.736 E526.29309
G1 X149.264 Y149.369 E526.33012
M204 S600
G1 Z0.540 F9000.000
G1 X198.950 Y198.950 F9000.000
G1 X101.050 Y198.950 E529.56179 F1500.000
G1 X101.050 Y101.050 E532.79346
G1 X198.950 Y101.050 E536.02513
G1 X198.950 Y198.845 E539.25333
G1 X199.650 Y199.650 F9000.000
G1 X100.350 Y199.650 E542.53122 F1500.000
G1 X100.350 Y100.350 E545.80910
G1 X199.650 Y100.350 E549.08699
G1 X199.650 Y199.545 E552.36141
G1 X199.044 Y199.300 F9000.000
G1 Z0.810 F9000.000
G1 X198.950 ma la cosa bella che non dobbiamo dimenticarci è che la velocità dei motori non varia! Cioè nel codice la "F" può essere quello che ti pare ma la stampante stampa sempre alla stessa velocità! E' questo che non capisco. Inoltre F900 o, come in questo ultimo caso F 1500, sono valori decisamente improponibili credo, la mia stampante si muoverebbe impazzita, invece no, ad occhio e croce va forse più lenta di questa


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