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g2z, a G-Code to ZCode converter

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So there it is, the first (AFAIK) freely available G-Code to ZCode converter:

Download from Dropbox

Slicer Profiles:

There is a manual (g2z.rtf) and a folder with profiles for different slicers included ("profiles"). These profiles include necessary settings and start/end codes, so use them as starting point for your own ones instead of starting from scratch.
Currently there are basic profiles for S3D, Slic3r, Cura and IdeaMaker. I'd recommend to use S3D though since this is the only version that was actually tested AFAIK.
Note that g2z parses the comments created by S3D, Cura or Slic3r to allow correct display of support and model print moves in Z-Suite. This was not adapted or tested for G-Code created by IdeaMaker and thus will most probably not work.
Anyway, all the supplied profiles are meant as a starting point, i.e. to use export settings that g2z will understand and to use the correct start/end codes.
About everything else in the profiles is up to you to change to improve your printing experience. Be aware you're leaving the comfort zone of Z-Suite and will experience failed prints due to lacking raft adhesion etc.
Note when using S3D, it's recommended to use the newest version of S3D (3.1.x) since the previous version (3.0.x) tended to create tons of multiple or pointless G-Code lines.
The Slic3r profile is the newest profile and AFAIK it's more or less completely untested. It was created for the Prusa Edition (with variable layer height) so I'd recommend to use this version if you intend to use Slic3r.

The restriction to support only official temperature profiles was removed with 1.0.2. Now only the "Z" profiles will enforce official temperature profiles while the "based on"/external profiles will use the temperatures from the G-Code.
There are no other restrictions. Try printing with 50µm (or even variable layer height) and nothing will stop you from using Z-ABS on a m300. As soon as Zortrax adds a Z-PLA profile (which they kinda promised for 2017), I will add it to g2z.
And hey, it's free...

Have fun.

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It's not a trick but yes, actually I wrote one before working on the G-Code to ZCode converter. IMHO it's more of a gimmick though for a couple of reasons like:
1) G-Code is printer specific to some degree. Not all printers support all commands, comments are handled differently etc.
So I guess different printer profiles would be needed and honestly I didn't (and still don't) see much sense to invest time in this.
2) There is no 1:1 relationship between G-Code and ZCode. Some of the information stored in ZCode would get lost or could only be stored in comments
3) Z-Suite slices Zortrax filaments for Zortrax printer and there are no configuration options to change this. From initial layer height to retraction/extrusions settings and temperatures: printing anything else than Zortrax filaments on anything else than a Zortrax printer would be problematic. I guess even printing on a Wanhao Duplicator 6 wouldn't work without G-Code patching due to lack of perforated bed and fixed initial layer height. Even things like a slightly different extruder friction and fan efficiency are problematic.
4) Z-Suite is not publicly available (you need to enter your serial number to download and install it), so Zortrax could argue people using it to slice for other printers would violate their IP.

So, honestly, I don't think I will ever release a standalone ZCode to G-Code converter. At least not as long as there are much more interesting options. Like e.g. a standalone support removal tool ;)

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For the protocol: I just noticed that the S3D profile mysteriously disappeared when I uploaded the profiles folder instead of the 7z archive (because some folks who still live in the 20th century couldn't extract it). I have no idea why this happened though, but I uploaded the S3D profile again.
I'd also want to emphasize that just throwing G-Code at the tool won't give proper results. Specifically he start/end codes/scripts included in the provided profiles are necessary.
G28 ; home all axes
G92 X0 Y0 Z0 E0 ; set all axes to 0
G0 F180 Z15 ; move up extruder
G92 E0 ; set E to 0

G0 F1800 Z180 ; move up extruder (needs to be changed for m300)
M104 S0 ; turn off extruder
G91 ; set relative positioning
G28 X Y ; home xy
G90 ; set absolute positioning
M106 S0 ; turn off fan

There are some other settings though that are needed in addition. Apart from dimensions and speed limits, there are e.g. settings like "Allow zeroing of extrusion distances" in S3D (should be switched off) or "Verbose G-code" in the Slic3r Print Settings (should be switched on).

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I uploaded v1.0.1 which adds support for Z-ESD and improves comment parsing for Cura (and S3D)...
Download link is unchanged:

Side note: I didn't change the header to e.g. require firmware 1.0.6 as Z-Suite 1.9.0 does.
Still I wouldn't recommend using that Z-ESD profile on an older firmware revision.

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In the light of the support of external material in Z-Suite, I removed the temperature limitations from g2z.
Just be sure to select one of the new "based" profiles. Like "ABS based" will use the temperatures from G-Code while "Z-ABS" will still use the predefined temperatures.
Again, I didn't enforce the new firmware 1.1.0 for the new profiles but would recommend to use it. Dunno how older firmware versions will react to the new profiles.

Download as usual:

Updated to 1.0.2b to add temperature range check when taking over temperatures from G-Code.

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Wow I'm absolutely excited... been owning my M300 for about 10 days now (had an i3 MK2 and a Raise3D N2 before) getting already tired about the limitations of Z-Suite.

Will try this and is there a paypal account to donate if it works?

Does the "Separation Distance" parameter in the raft options translate to z-code? 

Thanks a lot for the fantastic work

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Actually I decided to stay anonymous and unpaid at least until Zortrax officially withdraws the threats to sue me for reverse engineering Z-Code.

Regarding the "separation distance": I didn't actually look at this detail, but the translation from G-Code to ZCode is as direct and 1:1 as possible, so usually every print/retraction move, Z hop or speed change should be translated 1:1. So given that I didn't mess anything up, I would assume this should work just as with G-Code.

Side note: as I commented above, the end code might be problematic for the m300:

 G0 F1800 Z180 ; move up extruder (needs to be changed for m300) 

This moves the Z position to 180mm (the maximum height for the m200). Honestly I'm not sure if this is really necessary, it's just that Z-Suite jumps to a Z position slightly above the model and I tried to simulate this. Now for the m300 (and a model which is at least 180mm high), this Z position might not suffice. Maybe it's better to change the Z180 to Z300 (300mm). Dunno if the bed always moves down automatically or not.

Btw: I'll release another tool soon (weekend maybe). Like the superset of RaftAway and g2z.

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