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The Look and feel 



The Look and feel of the Printer is very nice. The best comment I got from one of the Facebook member in “Zortrax 3D Printer Useres” is the word “SEXY”. In non technical words this is an piece of machine which someone would buy just to keep in the office. This Brings class to the whole new 3D Printing  opensource Movement. We all know Zortrax has always one step forward compared to other brands when in comes to Design. And The new Zortrax Inventure has not missed not even one point where I would add the word “IMPROVEMENT” when it comes to Design.


We should not even forget the new DSS station which comes with the Inventure. Even with this simple but compact DSS station, Zortrax has made sure the whole Inventure style is not effected but improved. In design point of view both the Zortrax Inventure and DSS station has added an new style which every 3D printer user would love to have on their workspace.

Zortrax Inventure Functionality 

The Zortrax Inventure itself has very professional approach to everything. I

Loading the filament : The Loading and Unloading the filaments is very user friendly but you have to know what you are doing. I would highly recommend before you unload or Load any filament to check out this video tutorial :



Calibration: There are two types of calibration hen it comes to the Zortrax inventure. The Bed calibration and the Nozzle calibration. As we all know The Bed Calibration is standard as the other Zortrax Models. But the only diffe
rent is that since the Building plate is made out of ABS they gave included 5 points where the Nozzle (The nozzle is the Left Nozzle which prints the Object, not the nozzle for the support materiel). You can see how to do the Bed calibration vis this link :

The Nozzle Alignment calibration is an new but very important part of the Inventure functionality. In simple words when printing with dual extruders we all know that the both the extruders needs to be very well calibrated to give the best printing results. The process of Alignment on the Nozzles ensures us that the both nozzles of the Zortrax Inventure is printing in the correct x & postion.


Printing with Zortrax has been an pleasure for the last 3 years since Zortrax M200 came to the market since 2014. And with the new Zortrax Inventure, Zortrax has not let down the users. Of course we have to remember we are not using the Inventure to print the Vas which is very easy to Print. We use the new Zortax Inventure to print very technical and sophisticated parts which are not printable by standard FDM printers.  Therefore if you are printing a part from the Inventure NOTE that the quality which you get is once impossible by other printers.

Zortrax DSS Station Functionality : This is quite easy. Just put some water into the DSS station and select the temperature and the time. It does all. Well almost. from my experience it is better if you can give it an clean once in a while and before you put the printed part to the DSS station to remove any support materiel which you can remove without damaging the part. This really would save you lots of time. But overall the DSS does what it suppose to do.

If you want to see how the DSS station works check out this link:

Zortrax Inventure Materials :  For the moment (July 2017) the inventure comes up with two Printing Materials. Z-PLA and Z-PETG. Overall they both prints in good quality. I’m looking forward to get other materials like Z-ULTRAT to try with the new Zortrax Inventure because I believe that the Z-ULTRAT quality in any Printer is unbeatable. But I personally like that fact that the Zortrax Inventure can automatically recognise the the of the filament which is loaded, the Color and most importantly the remain Materiel. The RFID technology which is used in the Zortrax Inventure is very charming and highly useful in the Industrial  sector.


As Overall I believe the Zortrax Inventure is an very useful printer which would easily compete with 3D printers in the professional level industry which the cheapest cost more than $200000 to start with. SO for only € 2699 the Zortrax is an Winner .

Asanka Sanjeewa Withanaarachchi.



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