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Salve a tutti,mi sono appena iscritto come beta tester per Zsuite 2.0. Spero vivamente che mi accettino perchè l'apertura dello slicer mi intriga molto,ma molto molto:grimace:. L'azienda si era giá scrollata di dosso molto "vecchiume" dopo l'aggiornamento che ha permesso di stampare con (teoricamente) qualsiasi materiale,adesso è in cantiere uno Zsuite che permette di personalizzare supporti,scegliere la % di infill e molto altro.

C'è da 10 giorni quel form aperto,però ne sono venuto a conoscenza solo adesso,e non leggo nessun topic dedicato quì,se qualcuno è interessato,il link è questo

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I wouldn't hang my hopes too high. The slicing engine seems to be exactly the same as in Z-Suite 1.11.x. It shares the same bugs and if at all, it might be even a bit slower.
The key feature are:

  1. You can manually add and delete support. Adding support seems to work fine, deleting support is much too coarse and doesn't work on hidden support.
    Which means you will end up having to do all the support manually instead of removing only the one you don't need.
  2. There is a structural analysis done to check wall thickness. Can't be skipped though. So actually it increases the slicing time without much benefit for me.

And that's about it.

People in the facebook group go wild about being able to set the infill percentage. But actually there are just four steps from 10% to 70% which equal the existing low, medium, high and maximum settings. At least the GUI hints towards selectable infill patterns in the future, but currently only the default pattern is available.


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Bad news...the mesh analysis could be great,but personally I never made a model with holes or something like that.But you know,it can be useful,just in case...

I really hoped that we were able to remove the single support,it could be fantastic,and for the infill is a joke?I can just know that the min is 10% and the max is 70%?really bad bad change

Ps sorry for my english,I never studied it seriously :sweat_smile:

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The structural analysis only seems to check wall thickness. I kinda suspect it would only complain about walls smaller than the nozzle diameter or so which Z-Suite always suppressed instead of adding a "thin walls" mode like in other slicers.

About supports: e.g. when slicing 3DBenchy, the automatic support tool creates four large support structures. One at the bow, one at the stern, one around the wheelhouse and one around the funnel. Now you can remove each of these four support structures, but you can't remove parts of one of these large structures. Support structures inside the model (e.g. when printing a knob) are obviously not editable at all. At least there is no way to select them and therefore they can't be removed. Same is true for support structures hidden by other support structures. BTW: for the Inventure, editing support doesn't seem to be available at all.

And yes, the percentage slider only has 4 positions: the leftmost position is 10% and the rightmost is 70%. Below that slider, there is a small text (edit) field which displays the current percentage and which features small +/- buttons. Again, when you press + or -, the percentage jumps to the next of the four steps and the text field doesn't allow editing.

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