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Hi 0xDeadbeef:

Thanks for the update and your response.  This code really is a great help to my research.  I appreciate your efforts.

Where we can download the new update?  Does it compatible with the updated firmware of the Zortrax M200.  I did not update to the latest firmware, I thought it might be incompatible with the code. 




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So there it is, the first (AFAIK) freely available G-Code to ZCode converter: Download from Dropbox Slicer Profiles: h

In the light of the support of external material in Z-Suite, I removed the temperature limitations from g2z. Just be sure to select one of the new "based" profiles. Like "ABS based" will use the temp

The download link is still the DropBox in the very first post in this thread.
I would be surprised to hear that anything relevant in the firmware changed lately or that Zortrax would try to protect the m200 against user created ZCode.

The M200 Plus is a different story with its new ZCODEX format, but even this seems to still use ZCode (zipped, renamed, header stripped) internally.
There's just this crypted ConfigurationData file which seems to be there to avoid tempering with the ZCode.


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For what it's worth: I had a deeper look into the "ZCodeX" format and to my surprise, I was wrong about ConfigurationData being used for certification, so it doesn't need to be changed for ZCode patching or creation. Actually, the ConfigurationData is just what the name implies: the serialized and encrypted slicer Configuration.
I'm actually not sure why it's part of the ZCodeX archive at all as it only contains information about slicer configuration which neither the printer nor Z-Suite need to print or display the ZCode.
Well, Z-Suite doesn't even complain when the file is totally missing. I would assume it's only there for fault analysis (i.e. people send ZCodeX files to Zortrax to get support) but this doesn't really explain why they spent the additional effort to encrypt the file.
Anyway, even if I'm too lazy right now to add ZCodeX support to my tools, I managed to patch a ZCODEX archive manually to load modified ZCcode into Z-Suite.
So using 3rd party slicers on the m200 Plus seems totally possible and it actually looks like Zortrax didn't even try to block 3rd party ZCode..

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